Rescue Journal

thomas has passed away.

Carol  ·  May 16, 2009

thomas was a beautiful senior border collie who came to us from the pound a few years ago. he had door after door closed in his need because thomas had bitten a child in the face and thomas had tried to bite others too.

thomas was not a vicious dog. he wasn't even a jerk. he was a senior dog in pain from arthritis in his back and his hips.

dogs do not politely say..oh please don't touch me there it really hurts. they cannot speak our language and do not speak the same way we do.

thomas almost was euthanized at the pound. thomas would have been euthanized by many people out there because a dog who bites has no place in our world.

but a dog who bites out of pain, is not a bad dog at all. he is a good dog who hurts so bad that he has to protect himself when he is afraid he is going to hurt really bad again. thomas was given a second (or third) chance at saints and thomas soon felt his pain ease up enough that he could be a very good dog again.

thomas was adopted by sylvie and nicole. and he went to live on a beautiful island. he became their very best friend and now they have lost him, he just couldn't get up any more.

rest in peace lovely, sweet dog, you were fully the gentle man that sylvie told me they loved so well.

and sylvie and nicole, thank you so very much for seeing the true dog in thomas and giving him the home that he always deserved.


Deb Thomas

Thomas was such a beautiful boy who came far too close to the edge before his real problems were discovered. I'm terribly sorry for your huge loss, Sylvie and Nicole, it is so hard to say goodbye to one so loved.

You gave Thomas all the love and respect he deserved. He is at rest now, no more pain, no more fear.

Run free Thomas.

Sylvie and Nicole: Shalom.

Sylvie and Nicole

We wish to thank everyone who read Thomas obituaries and made comments on the blog.Yes Bonnie, Thomas loved you and yes Mo he was as you had said a great dog and we do miss him a lot. Thank you Anne for your nice comforting words as well. We are going to make a special place for him in our garden and plant beautiful all year round flowers in memory of him.


Sylvie & Nicole if you are reading this, please accept my heartfelt sympathy at your loss . Thomas was truly a lucky dog to have found you guys & to spend his last years with people that understood an old dog .I can picture him at your place now , young with good eyes & no stiff legs , running & chasing squirrels . He will be with you always & I'm sure Misha was waiting for him on the other side and they will be best of friends.

Take care and Thank you for opening your heart & home to wonderful senior

Bonnie Robson

I looked after Sylvie and Nicole's much loved Thomas whenever they had appts. off island. He was a truly gentle and sweet dog. He was always excited to see me and all his canine play pals. We will miss him dearly.I'm sure Thomas knew he was a "chosen" dog..special to many of us. Bonnie