Rescue Journal

i fell asleep by nine....woke up an hour later to do a couple of things and then back to sleep til 5 am this morning

Carol  ·  May 18, 2009

wow what a concept...a full nights sleep.

it was jerome the rooster who woke me up at 5...that fellow hasn't a clue how to cock-a-doodle-doo...he just goes for ERCH-A-ERCH-A-EEERRRCHHHHHHH!!!

it is like fingernails on a blackboard....he sounds like his throat is a very broken kazoo.

its ok jerome...i can't sing very well anymore least you keep trying to sing your song, where as i try not to.

i am going to give jewels meds early...she is pacing this morning, i think she is sore. i already tried to give them with a cheese slice but she spit them out...i will have to go looking for the pill pockets (i think they are on my dresser)...those always work.

i haven't used cheese slices for meds in more than a year but jewel still remembers and is having nothing to do with them.

caspar is sore...the last couple of days too... so i have started him on some metacam. at first i thought he was just upset (he is a sensitive little dog) but i have heard him yelp when moving a couple of times so i think it is pain.

anyway...i gave maudie her meds early too so she will have good pain control on board before she starts charging around in the fields.

AND i better go feed and set loose the barn crew, do up the diabetics and get my butt into work... 2 shifts down...3 to go and then i can just do one job (at least for a couple of days.)

hope everything goes smoothly for anyone coming here today.



everything went well, kathy k came up and we did the house, laura, lana helga tammy mo were all there we had a good time