Rescue Journal

so today did not suck too badly

Carol  ·  May 19, 2009

even angelina said she made it thru ok.

helga came to help with the mp building...i fed the barn guys before i left and did up the back room cats on my lunch break.

everyone was alive and well (including angelina) by the tiime i got home from work.

laura was here mowing and weed whacking and when a sudden down pour hit, she helped me get the barn guys to bed.

there were two things that utterly amazed me..and i don't amaze very easily as far as animals are concerned.

the first thing was at 730 this morning...i went into the mp room..and there was THE biggest cow pie sized dog poop..i had ever seen in my life. it wasn't even regular cow was mega-cow would have made the guiness book of world records of humungous cow sized dog poop things.
it was from dusty who ate all kinds of stuff last night to keep her quiet during a special movie night. the smoke bone she polished off in less than half an hour and i wondered if she was going to obstruct from bone chips during the night.

apparently not, everything seemed to be working mightly fine in that department for her.

the second thing that amazed me was...little did we know that we have a fantastic herding dog here...he is a lab/pitty cross named "al" and he can run like the wind.

that bastard carl took off into the lower field at bedtime. i told al to go and get him...and that freaking dog actually did. he chased him around the pond (and then got distracted as he found a missing dinosaur that he had to bring to me)

i go get that freaking carl so he ran back down the hill and chased carl right back up for me.

i tried it again with edith but by then al's work was done and he wanted me to throw the dinosaur for him cuz apparently he only retrieves one real animal a night...but worked well for me!

and just so you don't think i am bullshitting...laura saw the whole freaking thing!

we will be short staffed right thru until friday...renee has a bad case of tonsillitis.



OMG...thanks for the laugh,carol
movie night was fun....and i think bill fell in love with daphane.

also glad to hear that laura got the lawn mower going.thank's again laura, for the tour.wished we had more time here in the valley, seems like there is never enough time to get everything done.


I recall reading on the blog that somebody said you exagerate....well if you have ever been to Saints you would know the stories to be true. We have an amazing crew! Yes, our lab/pitty/border collie Al is such a cool dog. First he scaled the fence to get to the barn, then herded Carl like a professional. Who said 15 yrs. old is a senior...Al is just in his prime!!!