Rescue Journal

today is probably going to suck

Carol  ·  May 19, 2009

we are down a full staff person...renee's mom called me late last night, they were in emerg with renee and she was quite sick. get better soon renee!

i personally think the whole week is going to suck. we are in transition with some changes, the city inspection is first thing thurday morning which is stressing me out...AND it is raining...niko hates being inside but he doesn't do rain very well either.

i better hurry up and add feed and loose the barn guys to my morning, before work, routine.

gilbert spent his first full night with the goats, cows and carl...i hope that all went pretty good for him. (altho that means i now have to dismantle and put to rights his temporary, no longer needed pen.

saints= ahelluvalotta work.


Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole
Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow. We have been enjoying doing the barns when we come out lately so are happy to clean that area or wherever. Also Don and I would like to come on Saturday, perhaps we could clean the fields before the AGM and pot luck? or any other stuff.
Take care.