Rescue Journal

animals like to have jobs..

Carol  ·  May 20, 2009

they like to have a role to fulfill.

daphne is my little carebear feel good dog..

joey is the canine version of a good nurse.

maude likes to keep intruders like roxie in line.
phoebe likes to rabble rouse.

al likes to climb over fences and herd llama's home.

and ellie likes to remodel the world.

she excavates the fields, she barges literally right thru the gates. she is a baby pink dinosaur and she does alot of damage while being a self actualizing pig. anyway...she has broken two solidly secure wooden and one metal gate which she lifts up off its hinges and tosses out of her way.

so far they have been interior pasture gates...but the wood and wire OUTSIDE gate to the road, has really been worrying me. IF she goes thru that one...all of the idiot, spoiled rotten saints horses, cows, sheep, pigs, llama and goats will be running amuck in mission. they will try to go in thru peoples garages, they will lounge around on a busy road, they will take out a pretty picket fence to eat someone's prized flowers....they will cause alot of trouble and be at risk for serious harm.

too scary.

SO today steve installed a solid, meshed steel pipe gate and he turned the hinges upside down so she can't lift the gate and toss it around. the gate to the road is of the ones to the riding ring will be done tomorrow (he had to cement in the new post cuz she almost took the last post out.

princess pigs with a job to "oh gee, my job is to go over there!" are a bit of a worry...but now i think we can keep her safe cuz she ain't taking out that new gate..hah, ellie and chin up....lots of folks work from home and THANK YOU STEVE! (for not working at home but working here today!)



please, please please tell me that the outside gate has a really easy latch to open & close.... I cannot count the number of Coffee's I have spilt and/or dropped trying to get in there Sat & Sunday morning... and often my Sunday morning coffee has the good stuff in it... WHAAAAAAAAA