Rescue Journal

one further amazing thing from last night

Carol  ·  May 20, 2009

everyone knows that al and joey spend each evening stealing squeaky rubber dinosaurs from each other. one finds one and has it and the other one swoops in and grabs it away. they don't share...they both LOVE those freaking toys.

so we had a thunder storm last evening. al was really upset. he laid squeezed up next to me, shaking and drooling and scared.

joey sat at his head, looking at him and occasionally giving him a quick lick. suddenly he darted off the bed, ran off and then came back and dropped a squeaky dinosaur toy right between al's trembling front legs.

ok joey...that was utterly and completely sweet.



Joey is simply one of the coolest dogs I have gotten to know. I love they way he comforts those around him if they are sick or stressed ... I don't like the way he appears to be looking for a hole in the fence all the time : - )