Rescue Journal

it wasn't all smooth sailing

Carol  ·  May 21, 2009

i am pretty tired today and i fried my back for a brief while (i laid down for an hour and took some meds, so it is ok again now)

but the part i really screwed up was in the timing of everything today. we were literally done EVERYTHING (except for the barns) by 10 am. so there we are sitting awaiting for the inspection team to arrive...and they did not arrive. so i called and guess what???

the inspection was for tomorrow at 10 am!

i said "OMG..i got up at 3 am to get everything clean early because normally it is not all done until afternoon...and i cannot do it again tomorrow cuz i will be dead by the time you get here if i try to do it again." so...being really nice people, they all popped into their vehicles and came and inspected us a day early because i am a brainless and time challenged freak.

i so suck at the whole short term memory thing....don't even suggest that i write things down...i wrote this down but got the day wrong between hanging up the phone and grabbing a pen.

it was a BEAUTIFUL day up here...steve just about killed himself tho doing heavy manual labour in the hot sun. he is getting everything ready for spectra energy who are coming back to do another project for us on june 4th. (they did the memorial garden last year and helped us carry jeanette across the field)

the project this year is a small outdoor cat run area for the back bedroom cats ...they want to be able to go out and sun themselves too without trucking thru the house and dogs to reach the one off the little dog/cat room.

we are also going to put in more gravel paths to try to keep high traffic routes from ruining the grass.

spring has sprung..the house is almost too warm..soon it will be time to break out the fans and air conditioners to keep everyone comfortable when the summer heat hits.

another season of things to think about...water will soon be an issue again too.

BUT..we are official, we finally have our kennel license and i am celebrating this wonderful thing today!

and a big thank you to laura, lana, kathy and angelina for helping me get everything so nice today!



Hi Carol,
Actually the Spectra Energy crew is coming out on Saturday June 6 to work on your projects. Please let me know if this is a problem!


Great news about the inspection. And out of curiosity how many times has Spectra done a project at SAINTS.


Congratulations Carol, you must be feeling relieved and proud. Awesome work you guys!!!!!!!


We all know things happen for a reason. A wealth of gratitude to those who helped get SAINTS in shape for the inspection and to the wonderful officers and inspectors who came out a day early. A great, beautiful day, great people, and great residents can only mean one thing - it was meant to be! Break out the Bailey's and have one for me - wish I was there.