Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 21, 2009

two animal control officers and the bylaw officer (who worked for the spca for 20 years) came and they wanted to see everything. ok so much for not meeting all of the dogs. so we did the house and the shop and the mp building, we did the barns and the fields and the ponds and we did the hide away suite (which wasn't hiding any dogs) and the memorial garden too.

they all love animals so they thought saints was pretty cool. they thanked us for doing a job so well and our kennel license will be in the mail next week. but i am to get our nuimbers eventually down and i am ok with that cuz this many dogs is really hard on me.

now there are still 2 more dogs coming in tomorrow... the neurotic, destructive, snapping SA senior who soaks himself with drool and sweat in his crate...and another oldie from a spca cruelty seizure who deserves some TLC..... but that is it for quite awhile cuz i really do want to get down before i crash and burn.



Wwwoooooo Hhhhhhhoooooooooooo ! ! ! ! ! That is FANTASTIC news ! ! Time to celebrate.


Carol, I have been holding my breath for word that it went well. YAYYYYYY!!! Congratulations!