Rescue Journal

the battle begins...but who will win?

Carol  ·  May 22, 2009

lexi had a minor seizuring and stroke episode late last night...she has recovered pretty well. it scared the crap out of me tho. i have said several times lately that this is probably the last year for lexi, maudie and cole (they are all getting VERY old) is one thing to know it is coming and another to see it maybe beginning... cuz my heart and my head feel things much differently.

deep breath lex, lets not start this just yet.

wolfie and zues made an appearance this morning so they are busy goofing around in the shop. frodo got ousted to the rabbit room until a bit later cuz it is too early for him to be out and motoring around.

i am going to take today off from the work around here to go and run some errands...yes..maybe today actually will be renew my car insurance day...and i need to pick up some saints supplies and get my winter tires off too.

i had no baileys to celebrate last night but laura and lana showed up with one so we could have a toast to becoming legal.

caspar is working hard on getting laura to rescue him....he gloms onto her like a life raft in a big storm. i am wondering how long before she breaks down from the guilt he so freely dumps on her and has to take him home.....he is one of the best i have seen at this kind of thing.

sorry laura and lana but caspar has an urgent agenda in mind and if you ask me who will win this...i think it will be the little furry guy.

welcome to my world where "no" only really exists in human, not animal minds.


Anita Quinn

Hi Carol,

we have been trying to email you some updates of "the kids" and also we need the mailing address for Saints as Andy would like to send a donation card in a co-workers beloved pet's name as a wedding gift to them. we tried Canada 411 with no luck and the email address we have does not seem to work. sorry to use the blog for this but could you please provide us with this info. Hugs and kisses to Lexi.

Thanks lots!!