Rescue Journal

and saints welcomes

Carol  ·  May 23, 2009

4 more end of the line'ers.

BJ, the neurotic, snapping dog, did not stay. his family took him back home again with some suggestions from me so maybe he won't end his life here at saints. the door is always open for him, but hopefully he won;t need us...we'll see.

lucas is a large mixed no-name brand dog with some significant health and pain issues. he is a 14 yr old cruelty seizure and truly (so far) seems to be a very lovely dog. he is least thru traditional shelters...too old, too plain, too crippled...too expensive to tune up all the things he needs...and incontinent..but a really nice dog.

lotus is a baby...she is only 4 months old. she is just a plain little black cat and a little bit shy. she is unadoptable because her back legs are congenitally deformed. maybe with very expensive surguries she might walk better...but maybe not too.

cali is an old girl...13 yrs old. she is a torte and white purchased as a kitten by a senior who has now passed away. cali wasn't doing very well at the shelter...too upset, too shy...too devastated by the loss of her very quiet and isolated life. tammy and angelina set her up in the quiet medical room and we'll see how she does here.

scrapper has got to be at least 15 or 16. he is a tuxedo cat whose black hair is speckled with grey. he is a hefty guy who the staff told me was picked up as a stray. they had had his dental done, he lost all 4 canine teeth. he has some aging issues but is totally and completely sweet. food is scrappers number one concern and getting enough attention is the second thing he worries about most. so he sits in front of his food bowl all day long in case he needs a snack and then waits for folks to wander by so he can reach out and grab them (and hang on with his claws dug right in, he doesn't know that humans actually bleed)

scrabber wants his cake and a human to keep him company while he eats.

he is a very cool cat.

welcome new saintly ones, may you all find some happiness here.



I'm too scared to come for a visit because i know I'll want to take that little baby Lotus with the deformed legs straight back here! If Louise wasn't FeLV I would have yanked her back here too.


Welcome to Lucas, Lotus, Cali, and Scrapper aka Scrabber. You are now living at the best place on Earth 'cause all they care about is YOU!!!