Rescue Journal

they come here to die...

Carol  ·  May 23, 2009

each and every one of them. sometimes they luck out and a miracle happens and someone falls in love and gives them a home of their own...but not all of them.

so the humans at saints have to find a way to make 100 and some animals feel like everything is ok.

it means we actually have to really love them and care enough to make them smile. it means we have to go out of our way to make their life here good.

it means that we put our own sadness and frustrations away as quick as we can..because if we are not happy...then neither are they.

so on our first day without lexi...not one of us did not feel the loss of her.

but we got the work done and spent time goofing around the pond. we had our AGM in the memorial garden with a whole whack of dogs and they ate cheesecake and pie with the rest of us.

lucas can't quite figure out what happened to his life. yesterday he was in a cement kennel, contemplating an uncertain future and today he swam, hung out with huge barn guys, and picked thru all of the food to get what he liked (he doesn't like taco chips unless they are loaded with 7 layer dip)

here is dog seized from neglect who now is in this beautiful garden hearing the chimes singing for the ones who have died....surrounded by good people, good dogs and good food.

i don't think he is too unhappy with where he is....and most likely...lucas came here to die too.

this is a special place, tears and laughter live together in harmony...they have to....for them...or what's the point?



I think that's the title of your book, Carol..."They Come Here to Die".
How eye-opening it would be for the world to see the deep level of commitment you and your volunteers have for these animals despite the fact they may have only 1 month, 6 months or many, many years with you. Of course the full title would probably be more like, "They Come Here to Die...But Teach So Much about How to Live".


yay for all the new ones. they get a second chance cant wait to meet them. i cant get up to saints this weekend or next and it feels really strange not to be there in the mornings. i am going to try to get up during the week after work. i really miss all the critters.