Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 26, 2009

my daughter scored a video spy car from future shop for the silent sneaks around with a camera sending footage to your computer...i want that freaking thing to spy on the dastardly dogs when i am not home....i know they are not ALL innocent like they tell me of some of the stuff i discover when i walk in the door.

lucas does not have bone cancer, just really severe arthritis... so that we can deal with and happily, lucas can stay here for a while longer!

angelina asked me today if caspar was my new kling on cuddles? NOOOO...cuddles loved me...caspar just uses me as the island in his sea of storm. he will be so glad to see the last of me...someone should give this dog a home (i will teach you how to poke him with insulin while holding the muzzle so he can't bite.)

the tour went well but i had forgotten the ferrier was coming too. but the horses all got their feet trimmed up anyway so that was good.

timmy did a disappearing act and had angelina and renee out in the rain looking for him. he was home when they got back but no more free field runs for timmy. sorry bud...there are consequences to being an idiot dog...even one who comes home on his own.

two interesting comments i heard this week from saints visitors...

"when you say you are full, you really mean you are full"...yes, we do not mean we are half empty and enjoying the break.

"they are doing serious rescue there"... yes, we are not doing half assed, this is fun kind of shit..we are serious about doing real shoot yourself kind of rescue.

sigh..i think i might like the half empty or half assed, fun kind of shit...why did i not think of those options sooner????



Judy B

Not sure why but both my computers, at home and at work let me vote as many times as I want to... which I do. Good deal!


Just checked Saints in Number #1 in Canada Yeah!!! Keep on voting every day