Rescue Journal

even tho i was at my other saints stuff sucked.

Carol  ·  May 27, 2009

it was a good thing i had a fairly light shift because the phone calls and emails about animals just came raining in.

first the little fart who was due to arrive late tonight after i got home from work...he needed another day to recover from his surgery so i don't expect him now til some time tomorrow.

then there is BJ who came out last week, went home with some suggestions without being admitted and now needs back in...i am worried about this dog coming here..i am not sure it is a good thing for him. and unfortunately i don't know how much of his dementia is due to stress and pain because his family didn't give the suggestions enough time to work...if it's the main reason..ok...maybe we can do something about that. but if it is an untreatable aging or other physiological cognitive does not bode all that well for his happiness here.

then there is the little 14 yr old toothless pom with a mild seizure disorder, who while still perky is now visually impaired and incontinent and is booked for euth on sunday. it was a call from another rescue group that doesn't have space.
and the old lab whose owners finally took him to the vet as suggested and got a less than ideal treatment plan and advice for his painful arthritis and resulting incontinence. i said to bring him up so i can meet and see what he tells me but if he needs to be put down soon, i am not taking him here.
AND apache...a senior lame horse i was contacted about four years years ago who once again is in crises right now.

how i do not just lose my mind and just start screaming at the entire world is way beyond even my understanding.

all of these poor, unfortunate boggles my brain.

like i don't have enough to worry about.
....i might just start screaming yet. one good and productive deed for the day...i have asked the staff to start a half hour earlier each morning. that way dusty and lucky can get a morning run in the upper field (which is really safe for very blind dogs) before the barn guys are set loose.

we tried them out for a run this morning...they both LOVED it. lucky stayed with us, ate poop, toddled along and rolled in the dew wet grass. dusty charged around like an utter maniac but whenever we screamed "FENCE" to stop a head long collision, she stopped right away.

good dogs..i am glad that morning run made their day better.

all of the other animal's problems who aren't here and are not yet my responsibility (BJ and the little fart are already my problem)..i will have to think about some more.



also lucky is a sweetheart when someone is with her one on one she is so happy and loves her time to be rubbed and groomed.


Dusty is proving to be a very capable blind dog , she is so beautiful too !!!