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i can't always say no...but i can say let freaking go.

Carol  ·  May 27, 2009

new incoming...yeah, yeah, yeah..i know..supposed to be getting the numbers down. but the email i read last night after work was not one i was going to turn down. it is just a little fart and he can have butch's empty spot. he is coming with at least 6 previous home's baggage to potentially bug me down the road which sucks but whatever, i am getting used to previous homes popping out of the woodwork and putting them back again where they belong.
it is one of my biggest pet peeves (excuse the pun)...humans that insist on trying to remain part of the life of someone they once gave away....if they are safe, if they are loved, leave them alone and let them live on. i don't go bug my permanent foster or adopted animals to try to get them to still love me. if i see them, its for a reason..they are sick, they have an issue that maybe i can help them with....they are visiting cuz their family is up here.
but i don't try to reinforce or re-kindle our past relationship..why when i am not part of that relationship in any tangible sense anymore?

even for the past saints that visit here regularly, like gwen, murph, and lady..i say hi, i give them a stroke in passing IF they come over to say hi...i say they look good and happy and that's it...they aren't my dogs anymore, it is how it is supposed to be.

i bet mo would love me to be gushing all over gwen all of the time and trying to make her love me again...not. gwen loves mo..i love that gwen loves mo and that she has what she needs.

i have enough to love with the lives here in front of me now..i can happily love gwen and the others from a distance and be glad someone else loves them too.

if any of my previous guys ever need me to turn that love back on high again...fine, in a heart beat, like daphne...but if they don't...i have other stuff to do and so do they.

so maybe today i should have followed the new mantra that just says "no" and i didn't.... but this new one's old baggage will follow my unbreakable mantra of "keep letting go." i am not dealing with the needs of half a dozen past humans.. i don't have to cuz it has nothing to do with what he needs.

in this one area least i try to practice what i preach....(of course if ma or pa CALL me and ask my opinion on something...i will give it REALLY freely...this is why most of them don't ask unless they really need to!)


Jane Stanley

What is really crazy about that (in Ontario anyway) is that IF your car is over 20 years old it doesn't need to be tested. My car was 25 years old this year when I finally traded it in on a younger model.


Thanks. In Nevada we call that getting the car smogged. Actually, i gotta smog my car next payday but we need that for registration, not for insurance, which we need too. My car is an 06 and I have had to smog it every year.


air care is a government money grab to make you test emissions on your vehicle to meet certain standards...which is fine...EXCEPT...they made me aircare my new car for 5 years..then decided that was stupid so i didn't have to aircare again til it was 7 yrs old, which it is now. so really, i only got one year break from aircaring a vehicle that meets all emission standards anyway cuz it was built to meet those standards plus i just put an almost new engine in.


oh oh... I think my insurance is due too... funny how i have been reading about yours Carol & it wasn't until you mentioned aircare that I realized mine is due as well. Yikes !


i DID go to pay it today hillvi on my way to work...and darn it all...this year apparently it needs air care (2002 model) so i DIDN"T get it cuz now i have to gop thru aircare first. grrrrhhhhh.


I just wanted to say that I voted this morning and SAINTS is #1 in Canada!!!!! :)