Rescue Journal

and my saints stuff is about to suck BIG TIME even more.

Carol  ·  May 28, 2009

copper likes to go for outings and sleepovers to one of our volunteers. her dogs picked up kennel cough on the dykes.

copper is virtually immune to most strains of kennel cough..he has been exposed to them all. but he can still carry the particular virus or bacteria (kennel cough is a loose term for many of both) and fight off the bugs cuz his immune system already has a literal army of well prepared Tcells.

so while copper's body fights off what he is well prepared for, he still sheds the specific virus or bacteria where ever he back home.

dogs get kennel cough everywhere...they get it at shelters, they get it at kennels, they get it at vet clinics, they get it out for a walk. it is where ever an affected dog goes, others pick it up.

the vaccines are relatively useless because they only cover a minimal numbers of pathogens and "kennel cough" is just a catch all term for a ton of them...exposure is probably the best immune builder.

sigh...we are going to be immune building around here again.

lucy coughed all night. suzie started coughing this morning..copper the little walking super-bug immune bastard not coughing at all.

this is so going to suck....again.



sorry carol. my dogs were put under and their throats were swabbed as they had all just had shots for k.c. my vet was concerned so phoned the vaccine place and told them about it. all the tests came back neg for kennel cough and they figure it is a new strain of something very virile. the antibiotics seem to be working. one of my dogs also did not get it. hope it goes away soon. i will let you know what they find out. could be interesting. miss it up there but next weekend will be back to normal. off to seattle this weekind for my daughters birthday with her. see you soon.


Try the homeopathy Drosera to reduce the coughing. It worked amazingly well when Pru picked up some KC. Mix some water with 3-4 pills until it dissovles and just shoot a little on their gums. No specific dose is required.