Rescue Journal

caro (aka little jack) has passed away

Carol  ·  May 29, 2009

he and trish came from the interior facilitated by rae..senior yorkies from elderly owners. trish, died within a few months of advanced cancer. caro (who became jack)went to live as a permanent foster with tammy's parents.

he had his health issues with chronic liver disease but he was in a home of his own and dearly loved.

caro became saints "little son" he just had that utterly endearing sweetness about him like a very small child.

i have just been too busy and distracted to "feel" and post jack's story this week, and for this i apologise because his passing really does mean something to all of us here.

our dogs who pass away in foster care are the lucky ones...they are the ones that someone was willing to give a happy middle and ending to...they leave here as they were meant to be...well loved and part of a family.

rest in peace little jack, and to tammy's parents..thank you for loving saints littlest son and we are so sorry for your loss.



I remember those two in your bathroom Carol - sweet little things they were. God Bless Caro (Little Jack) he can be with his sister again.


Rest in Peace little Karo. Thank you to Tammy and her parents for loving Jack.


Littleman Jack , he was just the sweetest little guy & was so very lucky to have found a spot with Tammys folks... I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for opening your heart & home to him.

Tammy & I are planning a impromtu picnic tomorrow & we will honor Jacks memory. If any other volunteers would care to join us , please do.

You were much loved Jack,you will be missed