Rescue Journal

i was trapped on my bed last pm

Carol  ·  May 29, 2009

new dog in..jeremiah is here. he is the senior poodle with kidney stones from several homes in the past couple of weeks who spent 6-10 hours a day in too small of a crate in the trunk of a car. that had to suck.

he has expanded his horizons and is now on my lap at the computer desk. he is a bit overwhelmed right now but will soon get the hang of all of this.

his rescuers brought him out yesterday and had a tour of the place...really nice folks! he is post op recovering from the kidney stone surgery but i took his cone off him cuz that just seemed really unfair. bad enough to be fresh post op with the chaos of saints to deal with but add a cone and a bunch of curious dogs to try NOT to connect with...not fair.

since i was stuck with him anyway, the cone came off...better for me just to watch him and make sure he leaves his sutures alone.
another sweet dog begins his journey here. we will see where it takes him.
i got up at 5am but went back to bed for a couple of hours..i am tired today. but i better get moving, i have stuff to do.



Welcome Jeremiah. I hope you settle in quick. Looks like life is already looking up - no cone!!!