Rescue Journal

we are 6 months into the new year already?????

Carol  ·  May 29, 2009

the year end financials are done..i will drop the year end off at the lawyers for filing on monday..we beat the end of june deadline but just barely.. i got my air care, car insurance, winter tires off, an oil change and some groceries. i picked up the new meds and specialty medical diets. i had a long sleep last night and a nap this afternoon.

the barn guys are to bed, 4 of the 6 ellie proof new gates are installed and jeremiah is doing alright today. there are clean sheets on my bed, i am off for a quick bath and to run one personal load of laundry thru, i hung the windchimes for betsy, asia, tony, butch, les and lexi in the memorial garden..and now i am ready to go back to work tomorrow morning...oh yay...not. i would like one more day off for sure.

chester, the little 14 yr old toothless pom with seizures, blindness and incontinence issues, arrives next thursday, as does BJ, the one who arrived last week and went home again. so i have a week to get jeremiah settled before i upset the saints apple cart yet again.

we have one week til the spectra project crew arrives, two weeks before the doggy dinner in coquitlam (june 11th... still need volunteers????), three weeks til the work clean up party and four weeks til the saints annual open house...time is flying quickly around here.

ok then, i am starting to feel stressed for that calming hot bath.



wow mom! what a productive day I am soooo impressed. I think I will have to treat you to lunch to celebrate (psychologists call it 'positive reinforcement').


What is the doggie dinner in Coquitlam about on June 11. Apparently I have missed somethign on that one...sorry