Rescue Journal

jeremiah was a da la...

Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2009

ok..not a frog...but definitely a toad. i caught him hanging from tyra's lip the other day. she is such a good dog, she never hurts the little ones even with great provocation. jeremiah's sutures are getting imflamed cuz he keeps licking them..little does he know that tomorrow on my lunch break, one of the staff is holding him while muzzled and i am painting his suture line with iodine and then sticking the cone back on.

i told him to leave it alone.

while still blind....gilbert is eating and drinking on his own...yay gil!!! he really liked the probiotic yogurt and raw egg the vet told me to syringe into popscicle in a syringe.

spot is naked...angelina shaved her cuz the vet said to...too hot for her old lady thick cow coat. except now i am worried about her getting sunburned...a 1500 pound sunburn would really hurt! anyway, angelina can now add cow grooming to her resume....( and keeping large naked ancient cows out of direct sunlight for the next few weeks.)

there is a ton of extra cleanup cuz of gilbert...the linens and tarps from keeping him wet and out of the sun, the bale of straw strewn around the pen in the shop. his bloodwork is mostly back, inconclusive, the lab recommended a CAE test which has already been sent off....still waiting for the takes a week . if this is positive, gilbert will not survive, as CAE is deadly. the vet told me today, he could just be getting temporarily better from the antibiotics so we really need a negative result to know for sure that gilbert is totally out of the woods.

so since i am still worried about him, i will clean up the mess we made caring for him on my next day off without too much complaint. still love ya gil.

hot bath...big bed...gilbert is eating and spritely feels ok is good (or at least managable)



The cats and I are moving in with you then. We are all really uncomfortable in this south facing condo in the concrete jungle.


ah emma..i do not live in the cement jungle..the heat dissipates by evening once the sun turns off for the night.


How can you possibly have a hot bath in this heat? I feel faint just thinking about it.