Rescue Journal order to believe this story...

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2009

you also have to be willing to consider the possibility of two things.

there has been some research done that believes A. a dog of average intelligence can learn and understand up to 6000 human words...a smart dog can learn more...and B that canines to some degree are telepathic..not that they can read minds, but they can perceive strong and persistent images from the human mind.

and the story begins...

dave is a really nice guy where i work. and he is a great dog guardian who loves spaniels with a 7 yr old springer spaniel prima donna who believes herself to be almost human. dave has been considering a second dog and i have been considering dave as the potential answer to the prayers of some homeless saint. when timmy arrived, i thought i had him.

when i told dave about timmy, a beautiful, young brittany spaniel...daves eyes lit right up..."oh..." says he..."i love brittany's..whats his story?"

so i told dave his story and dave started thinking long and hard. finally he decided he should come and meet timmy but first he had to talk with existing princess dog. they had their talk. dave told her, he was considering adopting her a brand new brother.

and then he went out for the evening. he suddenly got a very bad feeling that he should go home right away. when he arrived home, he discovered that princess dog, had chewed thru his luggage (they'd both just returned from holidays together) and had eaten a bottle of sleeping pills. she had never done anything like this before.
dave had to rush her to emergency and the little princess got her stomach pumped and survived her ordeal.

but dave now figures that since the little prima donna dog tried to commit suicide over the possibility of a stupid younger brother..maybe he better give up the whole idea.

i have two thoughts on this...firstly i think his dog was really smart to send out a telepathic 911 call BEFORE she got too sick and died AND....i thought jewel was the worlds biggest canine drama queen...apparently i was wrong.

i bet i would LOVE his dog.



I think that after being on holidays together 24/7 the prima donna was having a sepertation anxiety when Dave went out for the if she had a brother she would not be alone thus no suicide attempt!


Great story....Timmy is such a sweet boy, you could say he is a "prince". So I think this princess needs another talk about being a good ruler and sharing her kingdom.


Oooh Carol, you have made my day! Thank you for this blog and just to let you know I was very worried about you yesterday. I looked for your post all day from work - you are the highlight of my day. Again, thanks for what you do and good luck finding Timmy his perfect home.