Rescue Journal

more quickies (cuz i am bagged today)

Carol  ·  Jun. 5, 2009

i did not get home til 4pm from my daughters university grad and lunch... the speeches were boring but i did get all teary eyed when she walked up the grown up and beautiful....where does the time freaking go?...not too long ago she was just a little girl.

blink too many times and your life just zipped past.

saints was busy while i was gone...
the vet came and gave the horses their tetnus vaccines, spot got a steriod injection for her crappy lungs and tonight she is not willing to eat. i left her and percy out in the upper field cuz she just would not move into the riding ring and the open barn. she still has the large loafing shed and the new little undercover area so i think it is ok for them to sleep out there if she insists.

ellie is a pain in the ass pig. she came into the barn before i was ready and tunie was still asleep in her bed..she had a fit and tossed the sheep water bucket everywhere and i yelled at her and told her she was a very bad pig. then once tunie vacated her stall and she had her dinner she was still out of sorts so...she picked up HER water bucket and tossed that around... i just told her she was stupid...i ain't going to be the one at 3 am with a dry mouth, wishing i had something to drink. doorknob pig.

lotus is home from the vets..he doesn't recommend trying to surgically repair those legs...they would both have to be broken, pinned, plated and her knee caps re-attached with no guarantee she would walk any better than she does now. she is not in any pain, she gets around really well...why mess with something that is working even if not quite the way it should?

she sure was glad to see uncle scrappy...he has given her her bath and let her cuddle up and have a nap with him.

spectra energy comes tomorrow to do the new cat run..they are so going to love it!

the sheep shearer is coming in the morning as well which means...sheep wars...the silly buggers don't recognise each other after they get their wool shaved off.

ok..i am done for the night...2 more diabetics and i am done.



Any news yet on Gilbert? See ya early in the morning...I want to get the memorial garden cleaned up before Spectra comes.