Rescue Journal

yesterday was update day

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2009

i heard about IKY...doing well but has some coughing issues and needs to get back into the vets. she is very happy in her foster home and going on 16 now.

River...also doing well, very much loved but with some arthritic issues.

and james and mikey (the little ringworm babes)..emma was caring for them while their mom was away...typical happy kittens who rule their world.

it is good to know that the saints out in the real world are happy.

i have had emails lately looking for...

a quiet temporary placement (3 weeks) for a large, geriatric, sweet dog..too crippled/blind for young rambuctious dogs...needs a quiet spot while mom is away.

4 sketchy cats adandoned in an apartment

a seven yr old blind little puffy thing who needs a permanent home.

if anyone knows anyone..please let me know.



and would the large dog be okay during the day by himself. i work and have 3 other dogs who are not high maintenance and could take him but work 7 till about 2


is the blind little puffy thing continent. if so i may have a home for her.