Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 10, 2009

gilbert's CAE test came back negative so that is good but we are left with no known reason now for those massive seizures a couple of weeks ago...anyway, he has made a full recovery except for his sight. the vet said if he doesn't recover it by the end of the week, he probably won't.

i have already planned out the new blind goat gives him access to a stall in the little barn, a little covered porch area to lounge on during the day and escape the rain and sun....some grass, some trees and an outside pen of about 600 square feet. big enough for him during the day to safely roam alone in but not too isolated from us as we go about our work and big enough for pete and edith to join him for company at night.

so far it's the best idea i can come up with but we have to come up with the money first.

i hope he gets his vision back..hope floats til it sinks.

poor marty is so desperate to get outside that he was literally sitting in the rabbit's tubs of freshly growing grass. it was very cute, but it made me very sad. why does he have to be such a jerk with the other cats? now he can't use their nice, safe outdoor cat runs..we are going to trial him on a harnass and leash...if he is ok with that, we can take him out to the memorial garden with supervision..if he is not...oh geez...please don't make me build him an outside run of his very own.

jeremiah really is a big jerk...being locked in the trunk of a car for hours at a time, must have fried his brain. he is quite nasty with the other animals if they are anywhere near both me and him. possessive little bugger...he is lucky he is super cute.
i have always had such nice poodles..i want cuddles back, he had a sense of humour and some tolerance of the other needy ones.
which reminds me...we have another mentally messed up poodle coming in on the weekend...long story but basically another poodle with his knickers in too tight a knot....why can't it be raining funny looking french bulldogs for a change? (i think they are adorable...a cross between a pug, a boston and a bat!)

my daughter has this great idea for me..i have to write the stories of 20 of the saints for the upcoming fundraiser in she suggested i write one each night on the blog then it won't be such a chore.

good idea...maybe i will start that tomorrow.


A. work party at saints sat june 20 to get spiffy for the open house the following weekend. if i knew who was coming, i could figure out the food and the drinks. is not here on sunday the 21st (oops i forgot it was fathers day) so if anyone is available for barn duty that day, please let me know.

B. SAINTS T-shirts are available to volunteers for the open house weekend and other events to identify us from everyone else in case someone wants to ask us something. the cost is $15 so let me know if anyone wants one cuz we have to order them soon. AND....if you are available to help on either of the open house days...please let me know soon too.

C. volunteers are needed for helping out on the silent auction fundraiser night sept 12th in burnaby. are now available for sale for the event. $60 covers the full course buffet meal and the lovely venue at The Shadbolt Center at Deer Lake is going to be a very great and funfilled night.


D. Saturday June 13th is both the M&M barbacue fundraiser in Mission AND the garage sale at the steelhead hall...accurate info about both events is on our event page in case i just wrote something wrong! (so check that page before you make your plans...whatever it says on there is right.)

i think that was everything i was supposed to remember..if not, someone let me know what i missed.



Can I come for barn duties on the 21st too?! Ask Nicole, i'm pretty good with goats!


Whoo Hoo Thanks Laura... I will make sure there is a cold one in the fridge for when you are done & I'm sure your dad will be smiling down on you .

If I have time I will be out later in the afternoon for my fix


I would love to do the barn...and make fathers day a special one. My dad has since passed but he was the one who instilled in me the love and respect of animals. When I lived at home on the farm it was not my brothers that helped him but his favorite daughter(only one) that was always by his side. So it will be fun to toss some crap around and remember my dad I'm sure he will be smiling :)


I don't see anyone volunteering for Barn duties on June 21st... don't be afraid, you will have between 8-12 helpers or maybe hinderers is a better word.. they will lie in front of your wheelbarrow & refuse to move, they will assist you by getting those nice round poops out the stall before you can get to them, they will step in front of you just as you are turfing a large fork filled with crap ( litteraly)into the wheelbarrow and it will land all over them, so you will have to stop & apologize & clean them off and then since you have broken your pattern of scoop & toss... you can decide it is time for a short jaunt down to the BEACH... yes I said beach , the gang will love you for it & show this by running all around & getting excited. You can have all this and more to make your fathers day a special one .


i would like a tshirt size large and can pay on sat. i have to leave by 1230 on the 20, work party as i have a birthday party to go to in van at 200 but will be up during the week to do the windows and walls


Yo SteveO...."SAINTS T-shirts are available to volunteers" and "I will try and keep the cost of Gilberts new encloser down" ... Hmmmm last time I checked volunteers don't get paid. Thought I would get your goat..ha ha ha... we still luv ya!


Of course I want a large T.....N I will try n keep the cost of Gilberts new encloser down....but I also Know that saints doesnt have the money for that....If anyone can help with would be Greatly appreciated......poor little friendly blind goat....He is one of my Fav's


Hi Carol,
I need a shirt (med), I will be at the open house on the Saturday to do whatever is required, I can also come to the work party. I have sent an RSVP to Sheila for the fundraiser, I will take two tickets.

Chris T

We will buy 2 tickets to the fundraiser and I have a box of stuff my Mother made. Who should it go to?


I will be at the work party Duh !

I would like 2 T-Shirts please ( a Medium & Large )

I will be available for the Fundraiser and will buy my ticket this week-end ... will also try to get donations for the Auction

Francesca Wilson

Carole, two shirts please. One for Marie and one for me. Can we pay when we come to help at the open house?