Rescue Journal

i shouldn't have fired up the ole brain...

Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2009

it just had a melt down. i sat on the side of my bed and sobbed and cried like a was quite disgusting and upsetting to al, joey, chica and 4lane. they all tried to comfort me because they are not total asshole dogs...(4lane almost is but not quite...cuz he never bites me)

anyway, why was i crying?

cuz i got bit HARD 3 times in less than 15 minutes.

the first was from caspar..his muzzle was not on my dresser so i just looped a web collar around his muzzle when i gave him his insulin..he shook it off and nailed me in the fault..i should have gone looking for the muzzle.

the second one was from lucas. he was sleeping in niko's area and i wanted to bring niko in for the night. i asked lucas to get up and he ignored me so my intention was to encourage him to move with a gentle tug on his collar. i never got that far before he bit me in the fault again, i snapped a leash on him instead and he came up nicely.

the third one which is the real one that made me cry was from jeremiah. i went and sat down on the side of my bed and everyone crowded around to say hello. daphne came up from behind and jeremiah took a flying leap for her. i stuck my arm out to protect her and he got me instead of daphne..that one hurt the most.

and i lost it...i started to sob and cry and was whining "what is wrong with all of you?"..."do you know how hard it is to live with you all?"..."am i ever mean or unkind to any of you?"..."so why am i the one to get bit???" waa waaa waaaa.
lucas was in the other room, so he didn't know or care that i was upset.

caspar laid tucked into my left hip and washed his feet.

jeremiah laid with his head on my knee and pretended it had nothing to do with him.

al tried to kiss me, joey licked at my eyes, chica squeezed in as close as she could get to me and 4lane tried to climb up my face.

i appreciate that they cared that i was upset but the mobbing didn't really help much either. is not just the bites that got me going, it is the whole accumulation of things...i accidently bounced 2 cheques last week cuz i wasn't watching the account balance (they have already been repaid)..i am pretty sure that spot and misfit are on their way out and that is upsetting me and i haven't felt all that great this week anyway (the double whammy PMS'ing menopause never ending hormonal whackiness thing.)

it is a good thing there were no humans around to witness my baby break down..that whole REAL crying/runny nose/wailing shit is not all that attractive.


Pat Jones

We all need to cry sometime (A good outlet for all
emotions)3 dog bites in such a short time would have me
crying to. Keep up all your good work. Pat

Stan Labatte

(((((((((carol))))))))) I love to see real rescue.. love ya see you soon to give ya big hug in real life:>


When I have one of those episodes and I have finished all the wailing & hyper-ventalating...I put on a really upbeat or powerful CD ( Cher's Greatest Hits is a good one ) turn it up real loud and then I dance in my livingroom like a maniac .. after about 10 minutes the dogs think I am nuts & get all excited, the cats run around wondering what the F is going on ...and I end up laughing at myself & have a big dog/cat pile on the livingroom floor.

Hope you have a great day today Carol


real crying/runny nose/wailing shit is cathartic and although ugly at the time gets rid of a lot of pent up crap. I recommend it from time to time.


plus it just stuffs up your sinuses, gives you a headache and a blotchy face.