Rescue Journal

dogs were my first love

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2009

til evil knevil and the landshark changed my mind.

i swear to god that suzie and jerry (jeremiah) are two of the nastiest dogs (to each other) that i have ever met.

they both want me tho...and it is extremely dangerous to be the object of need of two such determined AND possessive mini-dog enemies. the little buggers keep trying to get me to pick them up at the same time and then start fighting under my feet.

I AM WEARING SANDELS...i don't need their freaking midget teeth accidently stuck in my skin.

now i know why they call little freaky dogs ankle biters..because thats all the bastards can reach!

they are not the only two who are changing my mind tonight...
there is here is a real great specimen of all that a dog can be. she was just barking at boo in the litter box who was trying to pooh in peace. phoebe was not barking to bug her (she is afraid of cats) she was barking to get her to hurry up cuz she wants to eat what boo was getting rid of and needed boo to move out of her way. that just grossed me out so much that i shut phoebe up in her crate til we both forgot what the hell she was just yelling at boo about.

and then there is timmy the rocket scientist who every night just has to go out and fight with edith thru the fence. A... he knows it pisses me off. and B... he knows that without that fence between them, edith would kick his ass.

i really like that goat...she can actually do what i can only dream about. (this is because while i have morals, she has very hard horns)

i think i will know and love sheep best from this moment on.... sweet, sweet, innocent creatures and they almost always get along....(except right after their yearly shearing when they forget they actually know each other)...

and.... they don't ever eat poop.