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what is happening at saints????

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2009

saints welcomes tulla...her name was ratz but that is not a very nice name for a very nice cat. she was surrendered to one of our clinics for euth. she is 13 yrs old and lost her home for one of the oddest reasons i have yet heard. apparently she was sneaking out of the house and climbing around on the roof. this upset the neighbors in the townhouse complex and they started to complain. the other day she got up on the roof and someone climbed up to get her down....tulla was not too fond of this assistence and bit and scratched her rescuer. animal control was called i guess she is a dangerous cat? anyway, her family took her into the clinic and the clinic called to see if she could come here.

any senior cat with the name of ratz is more than welcome if on principal alone.

marshmellow had his first eye surgery yesterday. the third eyelid is now sewn up for three weeks to allow the cornea to re-grow. once that is healed, he will get the second eye done and then MAYBE he will be able to see well l;east that is the plan.

i spoke to the vet clinic several times today about gideon and his diet. they said not to change his diet just yet. six months ago his blood work suggested possible cancer so we will follow up and repeat that to look at changes first. it is quite concerning that he continues to drop weight even tho he is eating well again. the vets will be out on thursday to get the blood work from him. i am not willing to get too aggressive in poking around, (i don't want to sedate him again, he is just too frail and old) and there is no point risking his marginal balance too far by looking for something we can't fix even if it is found.

lucky has been to the vet twice in the past 24 hours. she is breaking out in this very weird swelling and blood filled blisters all over her nose, around her eyes and ears. the vets think it could be an allergic reaction or a very deep pyloderma infection. she is on high doses of antibiotics and steroids.

the SGA's (saints guardian angels) have raised about $2000 in the past couple of weeks...since that is double what i was expecting, it looks like gilbert will all that much sooner get his specially designed and brand new visually impaired goat pen. he will like that a lot!

spot is hanging in ok..we are watching her like a bunch of hawks. we will probably lose her sooner than later..but not yet, thank god.

we started mosley and the rock back on zithromax..they are starting to show symptoms again of early URI. that is how the feline leukemia has been progressing lately..shorter periods in between of feeling sick and well.

updates on the new guys...

jerry is still a toad..but he is cute.

raggs is now reggie cuz he answers to it and i object to calling a dog... raggs. he is pretty cute and doing quite well, the little guy is an absolute ball fiend! we need some more squeaky balls around here cuz he really likes playing with those things.

and last but not least..lucy so far is doing quite well on her foster trial so that was really good news today.

2 more shifts til my holidays start..wahoo, i am counting down the days.


Carrie Rule

What a pleasure and delieght it was to see my puppy "Rags", A.K.A. "Reggie now", on the screen. I have looked every day, as my daughters and I are still grieving with this departure. Wishing Rags the love, comfort and caring that we all were able to give him, when we were all together as a family team.
Bless you Rags....PLAY BALL, HAVE A BLAST!

Love your mom, always.


who is rags i cannot recall that name while i am on the blog i have to help out with the garden tour sat morning as they are short people so if anyone else can come to do the house that would be great. i can not make it at all sat but will come up during the week and will be at both open houses. hope lucky is doing okay.


I have a Raggs here and I dont think the name would displease you if you read the books Beautiful Joe and especially Beautiful Joe's Paradise by Marshall Saunders. Published in the early 1900's, then for many years out of print, it is now back by popular demand. Try googling it. It shall please you greatly! :j


yay for marshmellow's surgery. i have a lovely photo of him out on the new cat enclosure basking in the sun which i will post very soon i promise.