Rescue Journal

a quick update on the "we are not dead" ones

Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2009

emily and todd saw the vet and both got a long acting antibiotic injection...todd has an upper respiratory infection and emily has pneumonia and a hernia. emily ate quite well tonight, todd not so good, he seemed a bit flat. they both have diarrhea so we are making sure they are getting enough fluids in. we will continue to moniter them closely.

the three little stooges are not so stoogie right now...they were all castrated today. unfortunately it is fly season so not a good time to be cutting them open surgically...sooo..they got the more barbaric teste crush (under full anaesthetic and with freezing)..i think they will be quite sore for the next few days.

BUT..gosh they are cute and friendly (before we crushed their family jewels)...hopefully they will forgive us in a few days when their privates don't hurt so much. i will give them metacam tonight and for the next couple of days...hope it makes them feel better...sorry you sweet little guys, but it was totally necessary.

joy is a joy in every single way...sweet, kind, gentle, friendly and inquisitive. percy adores her but gosh now he looks huge when next to his petite little girl friend. AND, WHEW...she is NOT pregnant...i was really worried about that.

all in all, everyone i think is happy with the change in circumstances of their world...well maybe not the goats tonight, but hopefully even they will be glad in a couple of days.



Like everyone else I don't know how you handled the auction without having a meltdown, but bless you for saving the ones you did. The calves are so beautiful - being only two days old, how do you handle feeding them?


Thanks for the update, Carol - I was anxiously checking the blog all day at school. :) I can't wait to meet Joy and the goats!