Rescue Journal

for me the open house weekend was more than just a couple of very long days...

Carol  ·  Jun. 28, 2009

it was a never ending series of moments. all of us had different ones, some of us shared some are my favorites..the sad, the happy, the compassionate and the funny...(altho the funny was funny for everyone but not so funny for me)

can you see a pretty young girl of about 11...sweet, gentle, kind and caring spending hour after hour just sitting with todd and emily and hoping that he would get well.

or the stroke affected old dairy farmer who struggled out with two crutches to the barn to look at our sick calf...he said few words to me...mineral lick, no water, a handful of calf starter and then he struggled back to his truck.

can you see me laying exhausted and frozen in my bed in the middle of last night with 9 dogs all suctioned cupped against me and i am gazing longingly at the other half of a king sized bed that is totally empty because with the equally exhausted suction cups attached to me, i just cannot reach that open space.

can you visualize suzie waddling around the whole property going anywhere that she pleased?...mostly towards the food tables in the front...not the least put off by any closed gate cuz she just went underneath...i saw more people smiling and bending low to touch her, than any other dog...she is such a happy little land shark...lots of folks fell in love.

can you feel some of the eyes that welled up with tears in the shady peace of the memorial garden with the chimes of our lost ones singing quietly in the breeze?

or eyes filled with worry as sweet daphne had several small seizures while trying to say a happy hello to everybody visiting her home.

have you ever been to a place that is so filled with kindness and good will, the volunteers banding together to share this place we love so well...we had about 300 so very kind visitors who left us with just over $3000 in donations to help us carry on with the work that we do.

and finally can you imagine, at the end of two very long days...a reporter asking to take a photo of the volunteers and the sweet little calves?

it would have been the perfect end to some perfect days IF.....

todd hadn't chosen that exact moment to cover my thighs with a flood of watery calf diarrhea....i must say...the crowd enjoyed the hilarity of that moment AND the reporter got it on film.

but for me personally, the very best part?

it was tonight....saints quiet and settled with my daughter helping me put the barn guys to bed, that was a moment for just her and me. those moments don't happen very often cuz my life is just so freaking busy.



I am so upset I missed the projectile poop fest... that would have for sure been my HA HA for the week-end !!

Mine was poor Levi trying to get out of the way of a scuffle & leaping for the open window in the barn ( which I was standing inside of & looking out)only to find out he is not as athletic as he thinks & instead he landed in large water trough ... See Levi, you CAN swim...

Was a great week-end the folks in Mission are some of the finest folks I've ever met.


what a great weekend. weather cooperated, lovely people and the animals seemed to have a good time, although for some it was a bit too much. i am glad i was a part of it all,wish laura lana and brenda could have been there. i think we are all pooped, but in a good way. have a great week.


awe, sniffle-sniffle, that was my favorite part too! (and yesterday when little suzi and casper were helping me give tours!) ... lol and the look on MJ's face when she got a ziplock bag full of nickles (because her brain was still recovering from counting the two bags full of pennies which a couple kids brought with them ... cute!).

Thanks for letting me be part of the amazing work you do mom ... I need to come again this week because I'm hoping that any day now I will be at stage 3 with Squirt!


To the kind folks at SAINTS,
I applaud the work you do for the animals that have no voice and have been neglected. I visited your wonderful sanctuary on Saturday June 27, 2009 and found it truly amazing.

I have a black lab and chocolate lab, they bring so much happiness into our lives and I don't know how we will ever live without them when their time comes.

I was hit with disbelief when I saw how all your wonderful animals got along with each other and was shocked on how clean their little peace of heaven was with you.

You and your staff are true angels and I am honored to support you at your fundraisers. Thank you for the opportunity to see the great work you are doing, you are truly making a difference.

Bradley & Joanne
Maple Ridge


Carol - don't forget I gave you some cat meds and you stuffed them in your pocket. My eyes welled up in that memorial garden I know that! If I have spent more than 5 mins in there I would have bawled!