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ahhh the politics of rescue

Carol  ·  Jun. 29, 2009

it is such a pointless exercise in ego building...just sit back and whisper comments or judgements or questions, call up everyone you can think of or send out a group email for a one sided discussion that never gets a single thing done.

politicking just pisses me does diddly squat for the animals and wastes a lot of time and energy. and that is the difference between opinion makers and people out doing opinion never saved anything.

don't think for a second that just because some people applaud our going to the auction and getting into a moral mess while we were there that an equal number who don't post on the blog might not be thinking the same as you or me. they will say we have enough animals, they will say we are wasting money donated to help seniors and special needs. they will say day old calves destined for slaughter are not our mandate...or 3 young very social and human trusting goats dumped off by animal control should be allowed to go for meat. they will say, we are buying what? you think the auction would let us have them for free?...not when the meat guys are bidding. we don't happen to agree. whatever...who cares? some will say the donors will...well if they do, and they read it here, they probably will chose to donate elsewhere. the 300 folks who visited us this weekend and were so generous in their support did not have a problem with who they saw being cared for here or how they were being care for either.

senior and special needs means 2 things...old or needs something special, above and beyond the expected things. the calves are sick and weak, besides hoping for a decent life...they need medical care. those goats were raised to like and trust humans..i think sending them to a slaughter house was pretty freaking mean. and i didn't see any day old sick calf or socialized goat rescuers there.

i just saw nicole, meghann, angelina, renee, kristen and me.

these kind of judgements that decree who we should help and who we should not...who do they help?

not any animals that i can see cuz the folks making these judgements are not out helping anybody.

is it really fair for those who don't to tell those who they should do what they do?

to me that just seems utterly stupid....i don't get it....but then i don't get a lot of things.

but what i do get is is precious, life is does not fit nicely inside neatly stacked and labelled boxes. and while i might be surrounded by death here on many, many is always precious and welcome.



I applaude everything you do Carole. I can't say I would have done any different. Everyone has their own ideas of how things should work... if they don't like it, don't donate. I only wish I could help more... but I have my own rescue woes... but never regret the choices I make.


I suspect those calves and goats are going to teach some very valuable lessons in compassion to some people out there. Hard to put a price on that.


We all make judgements all the time about everything..
I think the trick is to learn when not voice that opinion too loud because it none of our business and also when to voice our opinion because it is our business. The funny thing is it is easier to voice that opinion when it is none of our business and when we should then it becomes more of a moral dilemma and we have a harder time voicing it.

cheryl and stef

I hope most people will think that as long as an animal is saved why would it matter how it happened....or how old or young that animal long as another animal has a chance to have a life that it really does deserve...

oh gosh Carol we started going to the auction also and that was 9 horses ago...Now I can not go anymore...way to sad...and we have some pretty amazing horses if i do say so myself...
thank you for doing what you do...

Judy B.

Those who judge or critisize you and what you do or do not do should walk a mile in your shoes, that would probably silence them pretty quick. IMO