Rescue Journal

welcome to my world

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2009

and saints welcomes...daphne 2...she is the little mini daxi with the incontinence issues due to a ruptured disc. very sweet...very frightened,,i currently have her chilling out in a crate. my daughter jenn picked her up for me and brought her out and it was the first time she had seen how the new ones do. not so great intially...coming to saints is no easy thing for any animal who has lived as a beloved pet in a single pet home. unlike the abused and neglected pound dogs who flourish as soon as they walk in the door...dogs like daphne 2 have a big adjustment to make.

seeing the ones who have been here for awhile, seeing them happy and is easy to think they come here like that but unfortunately they don' is alot of hard work and patience and kindness that helps them make it thru.

if jenn had seen the panic and sadness of caspar on his arrival day or watched poor little blind angel, try to find a safe and unobtrusive place in a world that not only could she not see but that was totally alien to her.... or fourlane, who laid frozen and trembling on the floor next to my bed, curled up and wanting to die....the first few days is terrible to see as they readjust to a brand new world.

but they make it, they get there...they figure it all out...they do one day again find their "happy" is just hard to watch, hard to witness their world upside down and the panic they feel at first.

so jenn stayed and watched "so you think you can dance" with me and we shared the bed with the usual nine bed hogs who have been down the road that daphne is now on and jenn left here feeling sad and guilty and full of worry...for a dog she didn't know until she picked her up from her owners this afternoon and brought out to this place that daphne 2 feels so afraid in.

welcome to rescue jenn...even when saving a little dog's still will hurt you while you do it.



it does kind of sound like jenn is getting more and more hooked everyday. it is great that you are helping so much but you can lose your heart really fast.


that's good cuz i really don't want you to end up doing what i a nurse, it pays better!


<p>4 year old mini Dashhound, slipped a disc and was paralyzed for 10 weeks, she learned to walk again, but never regained control of her bowels/bladder ... her family was gonna have her put down ... She is a sweet dog, great with children and people and loves kisses. Breaks my heart. This breed is notorious for slipped discs and I think it is cruel for humans to breed animals for their asthetic appeal, and then ditch them when the breed is flawed. </p>
<p>Mom, I know your "world": full of heart breaks and pains and once and a while joys and hopes. It is a selfless purpose you have chosen (or perhaps it has chosen you). Not many people can handle it (and remain as sane and focused as you). You have my never ending love and respect and all the same, from now on I would just like to avoid witnessing the terror and fear, and the heart-break and loss. </p>
<p>Back to organizing a great Wishes 4 Whiskers fundraiser for sept 12 to get you the much needed funds so that you can keep doing the great work that your doing!!!!