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wishful thinking

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2009

i should not post more often so nicole will post pics to fill in the gap.

4 dogs asking for help in the past 24 hours...a blind diabetic, a ruptured disc incontinent, a 12 yr old family break up, and another 12 year old with bad hips.

the vet came by yesterday to check the calves...both of the IV's were out by then as todd's blew early in the morning. emily is drinking the electrolytes well...todd is not and he got an extra 5000mls of IV thru him so theoretically, he should be doing better than emily. such worrisome babes.

gilbert does still have some visual deficits..i noticed last night he only seems to see forward or upwards...downward he just doesn't see. i noticed this because if i feed him his grain and hold the bowl below a certain level, he panicks cuz he can smell it but not find it. and when he is trying to knock off the little goats, which stand below his line of vision..he misses them but manages to ram me instead...and that kind of hurts.

i got the vet to admit yesterday that ellie is the most beautiful pig he has ever seen, she is in perfect body condition...she is having some joint/foot pain issues right now..i don't know why she has less pain in winter than in'd think it would be the other way around. but i am noticing that she is more active and gets the zoomies more often in the snow than she does in the warm weather...i think the snow to a certain extent cools her sore joints and feet. poor ellie, her little legs were never meant to grow up into supporting a full grownup pig.

joy scared the crap out of me at bedtime last night. i was walking across the riding ring with half a bale of hay held in my my left arm. the pile was high enough that i couldn't see past it but i sure heard the thundering hooves running right at me. i whipped around in utter terror and joy stopped on a dime (thank god) ...she was joyfully and enthusiastically rushing over to taste some of what i was carrying...percy the dolt would have mowed me right over but apparently joy has a finer control over her thundering body. sweet girl.

so today i have got to finish out in the shop...i cannot go back to work next week without all of that stuff put away....and i really would like to try to grab at least ONE day off in this whole set of holidays.

wish me luck with that one.


Carrie Rule

Hi Carol,
I have been reading the blogs as much as possible. Just trying to still unpack, finish the CRAZY school year and adjust with many changes.
I was so happy, excited and overwhelmed last week,when I saw on the blog that someone had taken Rags for a two week (maybe test?) I miss him so much and I'm crying right now.
Your blogs are so compelling and what you do for all these animals, is beyond words.
I do hope that Raggers finds happiness. I don't think that I will ever stop crying about loosing him, as he was and still is, so very close in my heart.

Thankyou once again.

Carrie Rule


good luck with that one lol talked with chrissie today, she said niko came into the house on his own, had a big hot dog and then went for a walk. those dog bones that were in the shop shold have been in the fridge, check them out . they are awsome but i think perishable. that pic of ellie would be a great poster.