Rescue Journal

todd is dying

Carol  ·  Jul. 4, 2009

i checked him first thing this morning and he just can't fight anymore. i have called the vets and asked them to come so at least he doesn't have to struggle thru this last part of his utterly, horrible life since birth.

peaceful journey little one, may death be kinder to you than life.


the vet has come and gone and todd passed peacefully.

i am so sorry we couldn't save you baby. rest in peace, you were greatly loved.



nicole...can you create an ethical farming/maybe ethical consumer page for the website with links to choices and certified farms/ info on vegetarianism etc??


There are very few farms that are part of the spca certified farms. One listed is Rockweld Farms in Abbotsford - it is off Highway 11 before you get to Harris Road if you are heading towards Mission.

Rabbit Rivers Farms is sold at Choices Market which is located Vancouver and South Surrey.


i am so sorry about todd. he was the very essence of innocence. only knew him a short time but he has touched my heart forever. thankyou carol for loving him and giving him a good home and i know how much your heart aches. i am so sorry.


Are there any ethical farms in the Lowermainland which supply dairy products?

Jane Stanley

Carol, and all of you who cared for him, I am so sorry to hear that this little guy, Todd, did not make it. Through your blog I too had come to love him.

Joanne Collier

Don’t let Todd die in vain. He arrived at SAINTS for a reason. His vulnerability, his personality and his innocence touched everyone; and he has a story that needs to be shared.
If we can all alter our dependence of products from factory farming then we will ultimately save so many more calves from this cruelty. He was a living breathing product of an ugly reality that we don’t need to support. Buy from dairies that support ethical farming. Eat less meat. Use more soy products.
Encourage everyone you know to do they same.

God bless Todd

Vi Morse

Hi Carol,

So sorry for the loss of Todd. At least he had a few wonderful days with you and your volunteers. He was loved on this earth. Some people are so cruel. I can't imagine selling a day old calf. Thank you for taking him and loving him. We need more Carol's in this world. Vi


Hi Carol,
So sorry to hear about Todd, Hana would like to get his windchime if that is ok with you. She really bonded with him at last weeks open house and is sadened by the news.


beverley wristen

Dear sweet Todd: you are in Rainbow Bridge now where you are strong and you know that you are loved. you were very loved by lots of people here and you will be very missed and never forgotten. there will be many of the previous Saints who have passed waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge gates and you will all reminisce about your time spent at Saints.

Pam G.

Ooooh noooo Carol. I am so sorry about precious Todd. We've been praying for these babies. My heart is breaking.


Thank you to all of the saints for trying so hard with Todd. I'm glad he was loved for the last part of his journey. Perhaps that will erase some of the horror that he experienced before. Go peacefully and rest in peace little one.