Rescue Journal

the last 2 days of my vacation....back to work on wed.

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2009

not in great shape this back is complaining and refusing to bend....this sucks somewhat as i need to move well enough to drive cuz today is pay off some off the vet debt and take marshmellow in for his second surgery.


emily is perkier...she ate well at her feedings as long as i fed according to her hungry...8 am, 10 am and 8 pm..she wasn't interested in any other times.

morgan, the new little feral, came out of her hidey hole cuz i was late with her canned food...she is very young, maybe 8 or 9 months old..poor thing to be so scared of humans.

daphne 2 is doing ok...she slept under my sheets, curled up next to me...i forgot she was incontinent and woke up to a couple of small nuggets a little too close to me...note to myself...she needs an incontinent pad if she is going to sleep with me.

percy is so very, very gentle with our remaining just goes to show that oafishness is not automatic..there is an element of choice involved in it.

joy, while interested in emily, is not so much into nuturing..a sniff and off she goes .....i have a theory on this. joy never was nutured, she had no mom, just a bottle three times a day. percy had a ton of mom's in all of us, plus he had cow moms in jeanette and spot so he knows how good it feels to be nutured...he is going to be a very good uncle for little emily. he stands very carefully next to her and gives her the softests of kisses.

timmy and al both have interested homes. timmy with friends of dawn's..i think today he will be going out on a trial. the family came to meet him last night and when ready to leave, timbits hopped into the back seat between the kids...he was ready but they need to buy his some toys, food and bowls.

al? with of the SGA's...she knew al before he started becoming will be the perfect home if her dog likes him....his trial starts tomorrow. and speaking of the SGA's..they had a potluck last night and fed me...mmmmm, good food, good company!!!

apparently the way to get into saints, is to send me an email and then in desperation at my lack of response...bring the dog up here at 8pm sunday night...i think this is one of the 12 yr olds from last least i am hoping it is cuz there better not be three 12 yr olds for me to worry about. anyway...they are moving in a month..i said take him home and call me in three weeks...sigh...i probably will take him, i have a hard time saying no to a dog i have met.

looks like rain today..yay, the grass and well need it. wish me luck on moving out of this chair today.

oh shit...sick call today..i guess i will be getting out of this chair today AND rather quickly.



Al is so deserving of a home of his very own. He wears his life on his sweet old face. I hope all goes well for him....and for Tim, too.


Percy is most definatley the " softest " cow I have met, my heart broke for him when they took Todd away, so I'm very happy that Emily is perkier. Wow 2 homes for 2 of my favorites SAINTS, I hope all works out... I will soooo miss Al, that is one fantatstic dog & we still don't have him on film " frog hunting" and Timbit.. he is going to make some family very happy, his smile & happy go lucky attitude, mixed with that soft, paw on the knee & head resting softly on your leg eyes looking up into yours .... who can not end up falling in love with him.

I did a rain dance last night , so we should get 3 days of rain... Lol