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i told KO on the weekend...

Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2009

if i could have one wish come true wouldn't be to win the lottery...(ok, maybe if it was millions and, um...40 million, cuz i could do a helluvalotta good with that kind of money)...but really what i would wish for (if the other option was only a paltry million or two) would simply to be able to hear inside of all of these guys different heads.

maybe, what i heard might hurt chick waxing eloquently on why she hates my guts...or morgan's opinion that i am some kind of sick human wild cat kidnapper keeping her caged in hell. maybe when daphne 2 arrived, her pain and fear would be even harder to bear if i heard her panic too...but to hear what floyd thinks when his pool is fresh and clean. to know what percy whispers to emily as he gives her a bath, to know what gideon thinks of growing frail or what spritely feels when her leg is bad? to really understand why jeremiah is so mean or caspar is so enraged when i give him his insulin or if marty really is as unhappy about not being able to go outside as we think he is.

what does ellie think about when she is dozing by the pond, does she know she is a princess pig? why does lahonie think i am going to steal the food i just gave him? does he think i am a thief? (or i like eating that crap that he likes so well...not likely)
and are they really content with their lives here or did they just settle and lower their expectations because it was better than nothing or whatever it was that they had before?

what does that little edith goat think about as she quietly wanders from here to there and what does joy think she is seeing when she is checking out whatever seems to be of interest to her next? is she expecting something big to happen or does she just like looking at things?
how did she feel at that auction, and how does she now feel about being here now? is she sad because i did not save her friend?
and do any of them know even why they are here and are they missing something or someone that they left behind somewhere else?

who did they love before they came...what made them happy and they dream of a different life or did here become that dream that they dreamed?

i want to know what they are thinking and feeling. i want to sit down and discuss with them some of the issues they have. why does tunie hate strangers and especially men and when she seems content and she really content and happy or am i just a clueless doorknob who can't figure out what she really feels?

i want to KNOW these things..i want them to tell me in words that i can truly understand and not misunderstand. i want to know if what i have done here has value to them or if it is just another part of life that they accept and good naturedly endure cuz that is just life with stupid humans.

if i can't have this...ok, i'll take the 40 million...but just imagine if i really could see inside their heads...i think it would be amazing. and i think it would change me because i think they sometimes think things that maybe i don't want to know.

because maybe i should somehow be doing this differently...or maybe i shouldn't be doing it at all...but how do i know if they can't tell me?

i think relying too much on a humans perspective to figure things out the best that they can for entirely different species who can't speak the language...might make for some unintentional but very big mistakes and i don't want to mess things up for them more.

and...i just think it would be such a wonderous thing to be able to hear what they really say.

and i also want to know...if they are as messed up in their heads as we humans...cuz good lord if this endless blog is an example of getting a free look inside someone's pondering head...i might pass on getting inside any more.



I once took an animal communication day course years ago - but I didn't take much home from it. I feel you either have it or you don't. I've been told more than once that I have this gift. The animal communicator was very accurate with everything! I was quite impressed with her. However, I no longer have her contact information to pass on.


What would that be an awesome thing if we could find out what the animals REALLY think..All we (I) know is that they remember the people who gave them a better life..At least a few of the dog I saw not too long ago seemed to remember me..even their new guardians will tell me that normally their dog do not act in this way..Ok that is cool, but I would still like to know what they were thinking..maybe a group session/workshop, for a group rate would be a suggestion? Would that not be too cool?


I love this topic!

"Talking" with animals has been my childhood dream... I have always desperately wanted what Dr. Doolittle had.

When I was a child, I just wanted to tell them that I loved them.

When I was a young adult, I just wanted to hear their take on things.

When I first became involved in Rescue, I just wanted to tell them that they are safe... that no one would hurt them here, and why they had to take the medicine I was unskillfully trying to give them.

As my involvement with Rescue grew, I thought about the burden I would bear should I ever be granted my greatest and longest-standing childhood wish. I would have to tell some that they would not see their families again. I would have to tell others that their chance at a real home did not come this past weekend.

I think I could bear this burden because I would also get to ask them what would make them happier. I would get to ask them if they are in pain. I would get to ask them if they are ready to move on from this life. And, just as I wished when I was a kid, I would get to tell them that I loved them.

I would love that wish to granted... along with my other ones like World Peace and my 18 year old body back! :)


I took Fred, my old Chow to and Animal Communicator here in the Okanagan. He was an old Native fellow who found Fred to be very interesting and even gave him a beautiful native name. I wanted to know why Fred kept jumping out of my windows. What did i find out....that Fred really liked his shiny new red collar. Not really what I expected but I guess my old Fred was a simple guy with simple needs and that new red collar suited him just fine.
I would love to find out what Spirit is thinking. he was born without eyes and deaf. What goes on in that head of his. he is such a sweet dog but challenging.


I too often spend a fair amount of time thinking or trying to think what they might possibly be thinking and/or feeling ... to the point that I am seriously thinking of going to an animal communicator... of course within that field there is probably more bogus people that true if anyone out there has any experience with a communicator that they felt was legit ... can you share .


I would give up a year of my life to know what they're thinking daily... especially to know what they dream. Animals are so clever, cheeky, lovely, smart, and play mind games with us... I love when they smile for treats.

Carol daughter wants to go on a tropical vacatiom with me and nicole wants me to save all of the other calves in the world and i can live with knowing these things and not doing what they want.
but i am so interested more so in what do they think about regular, every day they ponder on a summers day or what do they think about as they watch a friend grow old?..i can guess what their feelings are on the really big stuff. (ie percy when todd's body was taken'd have had to be as thick and cold as a cement block not to figure out that percy was very unhappy)


Carol, I have wondered this for many years - to understand their minds, what is hurting them, what happened to them - to know their fears, worries, issues. You'd be much busier... or perhaps it would be easier. But what if Ellie wanted a tropical vacation with you, or Emily wanted to save all the other calf darlings. My guess you'd be busier!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. : )


I would LOVE to know what Este thinks about, she is one "cray" dog. She chases her tail all the time until she falls over. I would like to discuss why she find this fun 'cause in the end all she does is bump her head on someting. Is she truly happy in my house? Somedays I think yes and somedays I think no, fortunately the yes days outnumber the no days. Would she tell me to stop more on our walks because she likes to spend ten minuted sniffing one bush? But most of all I would love to know where her fasination with undergarments came from.... :)

And for those who need to know, I popped in on Timmy last noght, fresh from the groomers with a spiffy bandana and nice haircut. All seems to be going well. The kids love him and he is being a good boy. Keep up the good work Timmy!!!


I couldn't bear the pain of knowing, for certain, what my dogs lived through before they became my family. I think I'd be okay with how they feel about their lives now, except maybe for Madison, who should have been an only dog, and MacKenzie, whose freedom is limited in order to keep everyone else safe.

It's an interesting idea....but what would we do if our animals were dissatisfied with every single aspect of their lives?