Rescue Journal

so tonight i am thinking...

Carol  ·  Jul. 10, 2009

i have such freaking cute animals. emily was bawling for her bottle when i got home so i fed her. but when laura and i tried to give her the second bedtime bottle an hour later...she got all frisky and playful and started the catch me if you can kind of all added up to i am not wanting my bottle right now thank you...bring it back later when you don't want to.

we are raising another spoiled little cow...isn't that really good news?!

daphne2 has adjusted quite well and has the stalking of carol down to an art. seeing her rushing out to greet me in the cat run and then wobbling as fast as she can back inside to beat me to the front like the cutest thing around.

that dog is freaking adorable...who cares if she is incontinent, every thing else about her is just great! (ssshhhhh...i wanna keep her)

2 new probable incoming....a 15 and a half yr old wrecked shitz...a bloody mass on her back that is bugging her and a mouthful of totally rotten teeth...and an almost fully but newly blind senior rotti/shep cross, not doing well in the shelter. one is in the surrey shelter and one is in the vancouver shelter. i think the shitz is being transferred to chilliwack cuz that is easier for me to get to and i think the vanc. blind girl is catching a ride out here next friday cuz the staff want a chance to visit so they will bring her which is way easier for me too.

kai from california is wondering if we yet have room...i said not yet, too many here needing help right now but i hope to be able to help a couple of more california death row dogs before the end of the year.

lucy is with us again for a couple of weeks while her family is away...she is such a lovely dog, she can stay here any time she wants.

i love all of the saints tonight, even the little beastly ones...must be because i am only with them for a few hours cuz i have to leave for work again by 630 am...i don't like an afternoon shift to early morning shift turn makes me much more appreciative of our beloved saints...(mostly cuz i get to love them and leave them (and their mess) to the poor weekend warrior volunteers!)

sorry guys...saints sucks.



I feel bad carol for every thing that is going bad.
how is china?is she adoted yet? eney news on how joey and poachea are doing? how is jack,coper and andy ?


saits rocks . i am happy that you care about animals!
I LOVE ANIMALS TO! vets save animals. i am happy the
animals of saints have a VET!


i am so sorry for your loss barb and so glad she had such a wonderful home.


I'm very sorry for the loss of your companion, Barbara. I'm glad her passing was gentle, and in old age, not prematurely. Be kind with your hurting heart.


Barbara DeMott

My 20 year old"saint" died today of renal failure. She was an awesome little cat, a former foster mother for the SPCA, who I rescued hours before she was going to be culled by the SPCA; her passing was gentle.


Hi Carol, Great news about Emily's cheekiness, such a little darling... I posted my comment under July 10th. Have a great day! : )