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it is raining blind dogs in need

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2009

blind dogs are easy to manage in a normal home or foster...lots of room, stable inhabitants and furniture placement,,,one or two or three other animals...not so easy in a large and busy communal sanctuary with multiple animals coming and going...donated items, buckets of bleach, full trash bags and piles of laundry strewn around conveniently while we are trying to clean.

these dogs can't see...makes them feel vulnerable...they walk unnaturally, trying not to bump into someone or something...this makes the seeing dogs nervous because a hestitant, blind dog's body language is off and makes them difficult for the other dogs to read.

there is a blind, very sad golden cross out in hope...the golden retriever club sent me an email about her...she is not purebred so is outside their mandate. another rescue is going out on monday to pull some of the dogs..maybe when they see her, they will take her too...maybe not.

i said we would take her IF no one else in the world here i go asking....can anyone out there in the rescue world help her...she does have some leash/collar issues and needs medical care?

we are so very full and we have another probable and blind one coming late this week...this girl will be really hard to try to squeeze in but it sounds like she is in a real bind if she can't find someone to help her....does anyone know anyone who might be able to help her?



they are all large breeds...will let you know if i hear of any small ones.


Carol is there another blind little dog coming in? As Joe cant hear or see now and still loves the outdoors. I could manage another blind dog which I am home now a lot. So they wouldnt be left alone. Let me know I dont mind Medication also. But would prefer a little dog I could carry Thanks Elaine


Blind dogs in a "normal" home environment are not that hard to manage. Our Clio has been with us for 7 years, through 3 moves, with many new dogs and people in her world. She doesn't move quickly, and can be hesitant, but overall her confidence level is fine, and aside from being groomed, she has no major fears. A leash, however; is useless on Clio. Fortunately she is small enough to carry anywhere.

Perhaps an individual can take on this Golden X. Clicker training is generally really successful for blind dogs, and if the environment she moves into stays steady, she shouldn't be difficult to manage. A fenced yard would be pretty necessary, if the dog doesn't do collars or leashes, but it 's really not a huge deal to have a blind dog in the family.


you will be overflowing with the northern dogs pretty quick again, it is never ending desperate homeless dogs for you guys ....either someone down here can help her or we will step up for her. but thx for asking..i know you want to help her too.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

How would see do with a myriad group - old, young, teenagers. Not a good idea eh? We hardly have any dogs this month and we do have transport today or tomorrow - just a thought.