Rescue Journal

daphne was found wandering in the riding ring by renee at 0830...we think she was under the hay shed...

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2009

but she smells like fish so i think at some point she was in the pond too.

tammy, helga and lana were all here and out looking for her..she was pretty upset and hungry but other than that was fine.

once my heart settled down, tammy and i went out for breakfast. on the way home chilliwack called and banjo was there and waiting for pick up. so we turned right around and went to pick her up.

she is lovely..the spca shaved her so right now she looks more like a pom than a shitz so i am not sure what she actually is....except...almost 17 with rotten teeth and a very sore lesion on her side. she goes to the vet tomorrow...and then we pick up our new rabbit(????) he is 7 rs old and healthy but the owner has had him for 7 yrs but decided she should put him down before he started getting too old or sick. the vets are neutering him for us today...and i forgot to ask his name but... welcome little bunny.

the stray dog i picked up after the storm this morning is still in our shop. the owners haven't called AC yet. his ears are a mess and so is his coat. renee and angelina couldn't stand it so they gave him a good brush and i said to start him on surolan, and hopefully if his owners call, we can get them to take him to the vet.

the vet came out to see gideon...he said at the rate he is losing weight, the end could be as near as a couple of weeks. he is ok with how gideon is right now...skinny but bright and alert and interested in things...he said that as he gets close this wll change...OR..the cancer may cause an instant colic so we are to watch him closely for that.

my daughter is here to take me to a spa for a hot rock massage...since i had a very stressful night with very little sleep..i wouldn't be surprised if i sleep right thru the hot rocks thing.
that is the updates for now...rescue days as usual, sometimes suck...but then daughters may come to rescue that is ok.

oh...and i am not happy that lucas wrecked my wall and siblings are coming this week..i am already worried they may try to pull an intervention...holes in the walls won't help much in their over all view of things.



Screw the holes in the wall, they will be fixed easy enough. Its happened before and it will happen again, its all apart of the rescue you do. Your siblings should be proud of what you are doing and they should see that SAINTS isn't just a rescue but a deep part of who you are and that should be enough for them.


Oops, my comment didn't transfer properly. I'm talking about the rabbit- I don't understand how a parent could euthanize a healthy pet. Sounds like an oxymoron.




-a pre-emptive euthanization? I've never heard of that. How utterly cruel for a pet that has been in the family for 7 years. And he's unneutered?