Rescue Journal

not all dogs can fit.

Carol  ·  Jul. 15, 2009

the blind hope dog has been taken on by another rescue and the blind rotti cross was let go peacefully as it was felt after further assessment that she would not be able to adjust to the uncertainty and chaos of a multiple dog communal sanctuary. and while i am so sorry for her loss, we honestly just do not have any other free single blind dog space if she was unable to be happy eventually here....dusty and lucky have their own similar blind dog issues and are taking up the entire mp office and room.

my condolences to the staff who had to make that difficult decision.

i have said all along...death is not the sometimes is. and i do not ever want to be a never ending part of that monsterousness. i can bear it for a few days while the caspar's and angels, and daphne two's learn how to cope, adjust and find some happiness with me here...but ones that have to live separate with the deck already stacked with disability and extreme fearfulness against them....that takes more than i have left to give.

we don't have kennels here, and we never will...if we cannot offer at least the illusion of some kind of a home to them, then we have nothing of value to offer them at all....i just don't know how to do the kennel with kindness thing...i just know how to give them a home.

rest in peace sweet, unhappy dog...i am sorry we were not right for you.

i forgot to mention that reggie is back... he failed his 2 week adoption trial. reggie is NOT good with small children, they don't mix well with his little bit of messed up thinking surrounding his precious toys and balls....i was afraid this might be an issue for him...guess my gut already knew. anyway...he has adjusted ok to being back...his foster mom, not so much, she loved the little bastard. but we all agree that grandkids come first...reggie will have his chance in a home some day without any kids...happier for everyone concerned.

well...i better get dressed for more day off before the dreaded wedding weekend would have been sooo good.

speaking of balls...daphne two is quite the lttle player herself. after her misadventure the other night where she scared the crap out of me...we are totally in love with each other, she is totally happy as long as she is somewhere near me.

hah..good luck any potential ain't getting her unless you are like some kind of adoptive home god to me.

apparently i now have two VERY favorite daphne's .....must be the name that does something to me.



Lol not a lot of happiness for anyone when adult Mals are in a group! I don't for even a minute think kennels are perfect. If it was up to me all would be free to be in/out of the house as they please and hogging my bed. The only thing that prevents that is the buggers all hate one another or refuse to sleep in the house lol. I just do what I can to keep them happy, comfortable, eeling safe and keep them from killing one another :)


i think my kennel with kindness comment was misunderstood as tongue in cheek sarcasm...i really do mean kennel with can be done..dogs who live in kennels with tons of interaction and takes alot of committment, alot of human effort and alot of creativity.

i can't do that here...too many dogs...not enough people. we function on the ability to live and work towards enjoyment and happiness together as a group.
even having one live in a kennel...with all of the others here..he or she just would not get enough because the group as a whole takes too much. and your dogs and how they live are great...they live for happiness and they get that every day.

you actually are a perfect example of kenneling with kindness.

sorry i was unclear.


I can't imagine that your dogs "live" in kennels Beverly. "Kenneling with kindness" involves dogs spending pretty much all their time behind chain link. Not a few hours a day (which is far from ideal, but maybe can't be helped), but almost exclusively. How much human interaction does a kenneled dog get? How much exercise? How much stimulation? If the system is more "crate and rotate" than constant kenneling, it seems more humane to me, but still far from perfect. And yes, in my world, striving for providing perfection for my dogs is the rule, I want nothing less for them. That doesn't include the use of kennel runs or tethers.


Wow re: harsh kennel comment...there would be many Malamutes dead & unloved around if not for my ability to juggle them via kennel use. Guess I should get a clue :(

Carrie Rule

So sad, sorry about "Reggie"/AKA "Rags", my wonderful, old loving puppy. YES, he can conflict with young children and thier toys because he loves toys, balls and anything squeky and he thinks it's all his.
I do hope he finds a place because he is a wonderful companion, friend and comfort.
I miss him tons.
Thankyou for trying to adopt him.
I am also working on it from this end to find people.

Bless you Raggers. You are FOREVER in my heart.

Love Carrie

MJ Colquhoun

Reggie is a great dog, I still miss and love him and always will. I agree there is no love in keeping your dogs in a kennel or dog run all day long, how would we feel if had to live 24/7 in a small cubical at work, never being able to get out and run, play and sleep in our own beds wouldn't that be a great life??????? think how an animal feels.


The "kennel with kindness" idea is a pathetic attempt to make humans feel better about the fact that they are jailing dogs "for their own good." What is kind about keeping a dog behind chain link? It's not a lot different than having a dog tethered to an engine block with a six foot chain, except for semantics.