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OH! and a bunch of feral cats need help.

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2009

tracey from katies place asked me to post of the blog that there are a ton of feral cats at risk for poisoning where they are. they will assist with trapping and speutering as able but need safe barns and other places where they will be cared for and for them to be relocated to. if anyone knows anyone...please pass this plea on and contact katies place in maple ridge for more information.

whew...i almost forgot (brain like a sieve). ..tracey?...can you put the email address/or phone number on a comment below and add any other info you would like folks to know?



Thank you SOOOOO much Carol!

Yes... sadly there are 100 - 150 feral cats in danger of being poisoned.

Several small rescues and individual volunteers are joining forces to trap, speuter, vet and relocate these animals.

If anyone has safe barns, or knows anyone who does, where 2 or more of these animals can live out their lives, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. You would need to provide food and water. If the cost of food is an issue and you are in the Pitt Meadows - West Mission areas, we would be happy to help with food.

Please email katies dot place at shaw dot ca or call 604-463-7917 if you can help.

Thanks so much!