Rescue Journal

i totally messed up my planning today

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2009

and i never did get to the shopping...i spent too much time on the house and then the girls left me with the shop laundry and a few days of dishes from the mp building( i am not taking you guys out for lunch any more!) the time i get thru it all..i am not going to want to go menu shopping.

plus i did not make it to the bank which is disasterous cuz that is my wedding present..stupid.

my brother and sisters are in town now..i haven't seen them yet, i skipped going out for dinner with them as it was barn bedtime. they are going to come out in the morning for a tour...sigh..that means a 4 am start for me so it looks and smells nice in here. if we can be done by noon, i can zip thru the shopping, get to my ex's by 2 pm and cook my freaking stupid little brains out.

why do i take on so much all the time..oh yeah, cuz i ain't very bright.

the animals are all good...they enjoyed me in the house cleaning with them for most of the day....banjo is freaking adorable..she is a crazy, demented little lady who likes to play.

the plumber came..the water is sorted out for now but i might make a few changes in our system to make it work a bit better...ka-ching. and the tanks are full to get us thru the weekend.
and those bloody little three stooges goats are now confined in gilbert's not needed blind goat area...they have been picking on edith and emily..neither of which flies very well around here.

emily with percy and joy will bring happy tears to your eyes...they are a little family...and they are so right together..i think this was meant to be. i just wish it was meant for todd too.

okey dokey..i still got stuff to do....i did get in a 30 minute nap late this afternoon. so i think i will have enough energy tp see this least this is what i hope.



i had a dream last night that i was having an asthmatic attack and dying at the gas station (i must have been bleach coughing in my sleep again) and lana gave me a puffer so i could breathe and go back to work again.
thx lana..the puffer worked great!



no goats for me. I did have a dream that curly got into the riding ring and caused a whole bunch of trouble because he is pissed about being in the pen though.


don't come out to work..meds would be nice but not the hard physical labour or you won't be able to work next week cuz you will be dead tired.
the dishes are done and so will the cleaning pretty quick and i am just freaking out under pressure like i always do so just enjoy your days off and don't worry about my mental fluctuates.
and i am currently more pissed off about a certain asshole goat then i am about the dishes...hey...take curly home and all will forever be forgiven.


I think SAINTS is covered for people hanging out with the dogs in the afternoon anyway.

ps. sorry about the dishes, my brain is mush, I think I need to drink more water when it is hot and I am out in the barn. The laundry machines were acting up again in the shop. I was checking them though.


Instead of coming out in the afternoon to do meds and hang with the dogs I will come out early and help you with the cleaning so it is all done for when you family comes. I will do meds before I leave. Is 8:30 too early?


I think your family will be very impressed by all you've accomplished at SAINTS. And I'm so glad you saved that little girl cow from slaughter - let her life be the gold standard for farm animals.


Wonderful happy news about Percy, Joy & Emily all together! It would have been so nice for Todd too. I'm sure his spirit will dance around them. I really feel their joy as a family. If only all families could be this warm & loving. Leave it to the animals once more, to teach us a thing or two. You should be very proud of yourself! I'm really happy for them! : )


Try not to stress too much about the relatives...I used to and still got comments like:

"You have a raw bone on your floor oozing blood! Ewww"

but those same relatives including my little neice I brought to your place (which she still talks about LOL!) ...are proud of me and make me smile when I hear them say "My Auntie helps dogs" or "lets call my sis cause she can help"

They should be/ WILL BE mighty proud of you!!!