Rescue Journal

ok...i am sorry BUT....

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2009

that little goat curly is an utter prick.

i was switching the laundry around and doing the dishes in the shop when i decided i better lock them in their stall for bed. so out i they go and ka-bam, bam, bam, bam...there is a freaking goat war going on in the stall.

i open up the top door and there is that bastard chasing and ramming his brothers AS HARD AS HE CAN and they in turn are frantically trying to climb the walls to get away from him.

i yelled at him, just like the dogs...'HEY! CURLY!!!! KNOCK IT OFF RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! and he stopped, popped over to say hello and then went back to his murderous brother goat killing.

well, i couldn't leave them in there to get pulverized by the prick so i opened them back up again so they have the whole pen and stall to avoid him.

the downside of this is...what if a cougar or a bear comes by looking for a goat snack?

hopefully he will pick curly cuz he is for sure the fattest (gluttonous non-sharing prig) and then my goat problems are solved...if this does not happen, i am thinking of shoving that demon into the back yard pen and leaving him there for the rest of his life...or until adoption whichever comes first.

hmmm...or.......i could shove him in with big irritable boy would make short work of him.

i really do not need a psycho violent bully-goat right now....where is the gun? instead of shooting my ex..i will shoot curly.



nicole...quick! send lory pictures.
basic info...3 newly castrated young males (about a year old) about 30 pounds each in size..very human friendly and social but apparently don't like getting stuck together in a small stall.

cheryl and stef

We had a very similar problem. We introduced a baby girl goat to a baby boy goat and his mom well they were so mean to her when we locked them up in the stall at night but outside they seemed to get along because she had more room to run...Boy goat actually started liking her alot but mom could not stand her so we took a 3 foot dog enclosure the metal ones and attached it to the walls so it was 3 metal walls and 1 wooden wall sturdy and it kept her safe but let them still be together...eventually we were able to remove the metal wall and they all get along now...every once in a while he will head but her hard but she now gives him crap for it....happy wedding weekend....


When you have time, sent me information on the goats. I have a friend on Mayne Island who may be able to help. A picture would be great too.

Stop worring about things and enjoy your son's wedding. When you see them take their vows, none of this other stuff will matter.