Rescue Journal

the power went off last night

Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2009

i woke up in a panic not knowing what time it was...7 am..ooops..won't get alot of cleaning done before i leave again this morning. i said i would be at my ex's by 10 am to finish cleaning up before the guys all arrive to dress in their tux's.
yesterday went family did like saints, do not think i am the crazy cat lady and used words i facilty, organization,...i come from a professional family and they viewed saints as a well run professional endeavor.
plus they all like animals..even old, leaky ones.
and i want to tell the volunteers that they were really impressed with the wonderful people around here..not a whacko in site...just really great people helping to look after their sister and the animals too.

the dinner went really well too...thx to my daughters jenn and lindsey and my sister anne...we put on quite the spread..there were no complaints about the ex has yet tho to see his half of the bill!

i got home just before 11 pm...laura was chilling with the dogs. emily wouldn't drink her bottle at bedtime and laura tried at 7 and 9. her diarrhea is back too. we gave her a bottle of electrolytes at 11..which she drank but was not happy then she wanted her milk.

rock is getting sick again...he wouldn't come in from the outside run. we will start him back on the zithromax and see how he does. he did come in when i called him and had a snack so i think we caught this early enough to help him get well again.

i got a call last night during the party...apparently jeremiah's ex-owner found out jerry is with us and somehow he ended up with sheila's phone number. i called the rcmp constable officer involved and left a message...hopefully i can leave this to deal with next week. just a heads up to everyone here tho...there have been some issues surrounding this dog and the people involved with him...death threats and threats of violence and the strangers on site if i am not here, all enquiries referred back to me...all doors locked if no one is here.

we will deal with this thru the legal system and will press charges if any of that crap starts targetting us here. we have enough to worry about with the work that we do without a bunch of psycho-soap opera crap. my life is interesting enough trying to live a decent life and do good work, i will not have any patience for anyone who lives theirs while causing chaos and harm or trying to mess up the life of one of our dogs. jerry is happy, jerry is well...rejoicing in that would be what love is all about.

the house computer is dead...must have crapped out when the power went out. lucky we have the notebook as back up or you would not be hearing from me for a very long time..i see a new computer in my future but like not for several months...till i recover from this wedding thing!

my first born is getting married today...wanna bet i shed some tears?
long and happy life together eric and angela...i love you both, have a very wonderful day!


Chris T

Carol - it may just be your power supply that got fried. If I remember correctly that is an old computer and so I would take it in and see. London Drugs has a really good repair shop. It may be a cheap fix ie less than $120 or so.


The Rock is still on Zithromax. He finished his 3 days in a row and on monday will have finished his 3 times a week.

I will have a look at your computer when I get to SAINTS.

Chris T

I hope you have a wonderful day Carol. Enjoy yourself.

BTW, computers are not that expensive anymore and I will happily help you buy one when the time comes. In the meantime are you sure it is dead? Was it plugged into a power bar?