Rescue Journal

i am exhausted...and beyond.

Carol  ·  Jul. 20, 2009

can't imagine what my son and daughter in law must be feeling but i bet they are even more dead tired than i could ever was a GREAT was GREAT wedding...glad it is over.

i got home around 2ish..laura stayed with our guys so no one was lonely. i cannot possibly thank all of the volunteers (this includes angelina who came on both of her days off) for shouldering my responsibilities for the past few days so i could do the mommy thing. you are all wonderful kind and caring people and i would be screwed to the wall in so many ways if there wasn't you guys here to look after us.

thank you isn't really even close enough for everything you do.

and back to family is all leaving today, so i am hopping in to maple ridege to have breakfast with them. and then my ex's side of the family...grandma, grandpa, nieces and nephews, sister and brother and spouse, my daughters and partners are all coming out to saints at noon for a tour.

i so enjoyed watching my daughters (who were really beautiful last night) dancing with their little cousins..the boys had a blast and my girls did too....AND i thoroughly enjoyed watching my son and his wife dance the first dance with a foxtrot..they both took lessons before the wedding..i never thought i would see my son foxtrot in public. and ang was beyond beautiful..she looked like a 40's movie star. my ex's band played for the wedding and my daughter sang a few songs with them too and i haven't gotten to hear her sing for so long, i forgot how truly good she is.

all of his high school friends were there...i heard alot of "hi mrs. hine"...all of them slept on our floor many times and i caught most of them at one time or another, smoking pot in the garage, (which used to piss me off..i am very anti-drug and anti-drunk...your mind is too precious too waste) they are all grown up fine...maybe they lost a few brain cells but they still did grow up that was nice to see.

anyway...i finished the weekend thing realizing one really big thing...i totally adore my kids...i totally adore their partners..i totally adore my brother and sisters and their partners and kids too..i even adore my ex's family (and was feeling somewhat warm and fuzzy towards him too since he quit pissing me off over the barbacue...he is joining us for breakfast)...i really missed the animals here but i knew they were in very safe hands with my human caregiving friends here...

i am lucky, i am blessed in every aspect of the life that surrounds me...past and present...
and thank god for that!!!!!!

and thank god the wedding weekend is almost done!!!! (tomorrow i am crashing and staying in bed after i deal with the jeremiah thing!)

oh...and the computer is really and truly that sort of to have something sucking around me i guess.

if we are really lucky..maybe the volunteers will post some of their stories below on how it felt to be me here...i think laura has the full bed suction cup routine down cuz they were all not to be missing their necessary suctioning!



That's amazing...they are such wonderful family together. You should be really proud of yourself Carol for all you've done for them. You have your human family to be proud of, & your Saints family to be proud of. Any new pics of Percy, Joy & Emily all together? I found earlier pics of Todd & Emily on auction day (blog) & truly wish this world was a better place for animals. Precious pics!!


percy and joy are great foster parents for her...they give her space to grow but know what she is up to all of the time.
joy let em try to nurse on her yesterday...em didn't get anything but joy let her try!


I feel Percy is so afraid to lose Emily & probably knows that something is bothering her if not drinking her bottle, they must chat lots between them. There is tons of love between those three, serious love stuff. Percy says don't ever take my Emily away too. Bless them all and keep them safe... such sweet darlings! I feel Percy worries re Emily.


These are a few of the things I experienced while being Carol for a couple of days. SWEAT-hot, oh well, stuff still needs to get done. AFTERNOON WORRY-Emily won't drink her bottle. CUSSING- Percy you big dolt! You don't belong in the barn at bedtime. PRAISING- you sheep are such good girls..Percy take a lesson! NUTRITION- cookies for dinner(I found some in the cupboard) though I didn't get many...all those cute faces are hard to resist. 9 P.M. RELIEF- Yah! Emily drank some milk. COUNTING- is the gang all escapees. MORE WORRY- is Jerry's past owner going to show up at the door tonight. MOVIE TIME- cuddling with about 10 of the crew on the bed...and yes they are major suction cups! PEACE- it is so noisey during the daily activities, but at night you can hear a pin drop. LAUGHTER- watching all the excitement when mom got home and everybody had to say hello and get a kiss. REWARDING- knowing that the Saints crippled crew are well cared for and loved! KUDOS TO YOU CAROL FOR BEING YOU!!(at least for 354 days a year)


Congrat Carol and awesome.

Helga...can I get your number again?? I've been callling the wrong one! Still need that trap if available...will try to pick up this week if you are around? Thanks


Congratulations Carol! I'm so happy for you and your family and so glad things went so well. I couldn't wait to hear!


Hey Carol...were any pictures taken at Hayward Lake. There was a wedding party there yesterday..
So glad all went so very very well.


Carol I am so glad your family weekend was such a success. It's an amazing process watching our children grow up. Enjoy :)