Rescue Journal

do nothing...or do it is a crap shoot in life.

Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2009

it is bright and sunny and yet still cool this morning..i like this kind of weather better than the driving heat (which will hit us in a hour or two)...any rain coming our way soon cuz i would like some please?

i don't like writing on the laptop...A. it is in the office and B. it just doesn't flow as well to my two finger typing as the other one and C i try to get into the house and stay there in the evenings (and not move around too much) so that peaceful pin drop that laura talked about can be achieved...therefore... no blogging in the evening( or in the mid afternoon) cuz the computer is not where it should be)

i am not sure why renee is not here yet...she better not be sick because i want today off before i go back to work. problem is the cell phone is over in the house and i am in the office and i have not finished my tea yet so i don't want to go over and check and see.
oh well eventually i will go there and find out whatever it is that i don't want to shit, down a staff person and i am cleaning today...why get upset before you absolutely have to?...i will check at 8 am which is when i will actually have to start moving if i have to work here today.

i so missed these guys while i was out galavanting with humans...i am so totally peopled right out. i do love my family, but animals require less intelligent conversation....(high squeaky baby voice) are so freaking cute!!!!...(deep, scary, you are in trouble voice)...KNOCK IT OFF!! comes naturally...don't even have to think anymore.

and the animals only ask simple questions..."can i have some of your cookie? or is it time to eat yet"..."can we go for a walk now and will you throw the ball?" it time for bed yet cuz we want to be suction cups or should we run around and bark some more?"...and the ones i don't like..."HEY EVERYONE!!!...WHAT"S THAT NOISE AND WHO IS AT THE DOOR????????!!!!!"

emily is on petfinder, she had an inquiry this morning...i need to get her off...with only one of her and percy's deep attachment..she is now part of their small but loving herd and not up for adoption singularly anymore. oops..i should have told angelina that before she did all the work.
oh well brain is still not functioning all that well.

ok...i guess i better go see if there is a message and why renee is not here yet this morning...i think there is a conspiracy to ensure that i do not get a do nothing day...and i want a do nothing day one of these days.