Rescue Journal

really...what the hell is wrong with people?

Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2009

remember that old matted shepherd i picked up the morning after the storm when daphne two decided to scare the crap out of us by going missing? one ever came looking for him..still at animal control, time is running short and they kindly let us know.

how is it that i feel more of a sense of responsibility for a dog i met for all of a couple of hours than his owners do who have had him for probably a decade or more?

stupid, selfish bastards.

anyway...we will pick him up him in for his neuter and saints welcomes whoever he is but soon he will be someone...AND a very important someone too.



I have met him and I think he is definately an Arthur if I ever did see one (aka king arthur) ... he is scruffy and noble ..

beverley wristen

and another very important SAINT is welcomed to the most beautiful place on the face of the earth and there he will find all the love that his heart can hold.


sorry helga...i am in fact superstitious...there are certain names you do not ever purposefully name rescue animals unless asking for bad endings...lucky and chance are both at the top of the list...if they come in with those names...oh well, you deal with the fallout of tempting the god's demented sense of humour...but you never set yourself or the animals up to draw that kind of attention if you can possibly avoid it.


If he's going to be a Saints maybe you could call him Chance because he'll have a chance at a new life.


I ask myself that question several times a week. Welcome soon-to-be named dog.