Rescue Journal

there's the john wayne language.."well pardner, i see you got yerself a mite of a sticky problem..."

Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2009

and then there's just the plain old blunt foul rescue "geezus christ, give your god damn freaking head a shake and figure it out like everyone else with a brain and a heart and a sense of responsibility does!"

could one more freaking person tell me this week that some loser is moving and looking to dump their god damn animal in the next 48 hours?

honestly do these animal abandoning families think there is a line up of adopters waiting with their cheque books out wanting to scoop up some poor animal who had the misfortune to end up with person who can't even figure out how to move with their pet?

the dumpers don't want they think anyone else does either? NOOOOOOOO!! CUZ THERE ARE TOO GOD DAMN MANY OF THEM!!!!!!!!!! (in the loser world, it ain't cool to spay and neuter your pets.)

it just makes me sick and it is really starting to piss me off....they won't deal with one or two freaking animals that they went out and acquired by choice but shit man, just ask that lady with 122 of the little unwanted bastards cuz she obviously cares about what happens to them or she wouldn't have so many now would she?


i thought i might just say what i actually think tonight in case someone mistakenly thought i was nice.



Sad when people don't treat their pets as family! Dogs will jump into a river/lake to safe their owner. Yet many humans won't do the same in return. It breaks my heart how people are stupid this way. Animals always teach us. I would never leave my pets; they are my best family!

Chris T

You know we used to rent. I routinely talked us into more than 5 or 6 places with a minimum of 4 dogs at any one time. I got us into a Coop with 6 dogs and we alone exceeded the dog limit for the entire coop. Now I am very persuasive - I will cop to that. People tend to trust me as well but sometimes we had to take a place that was not quite up to what we wanted. We never complained about anything or anyone and we never let our dogs be annoying to anyone. Never once did we ever have a complaint about any of our dogs in a multi-unit coop and we lived in an apartment. I don't buy that people can't find a way. It can always be done if you have the will to do it.


I, too, am bloody sick and tired, disgusted and appalled, at how easy it seems to be for people to unload their animals. Sometimes it truly can't be helped. But sometimes I wish I had a magic wand and could wave it over people's hearts to help them grow ( like the Grinch's ) so that they would do anything rather than give up their animals.


well said. I have never understood the idea that when one moves, one just leaves the animals.... all my life my family moved regularly, and we took everyone.... cats, dogs, hamsters, ginea pigs, horses.... its not that difficult to do.