Rescue Journal

emily is a bad little cow

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2009

she unfairly took advantage of being smarter and younger than me. i gave her the beloved bedtime bottle and when i turned around to give her the 2nd one, she deaked right out past me and into the riding ring. then she said, i don't want no more of your stinking bottles..i want to be free. she kept hiding behind joy and percy who did not like me chasing their little pain in the ass baby.

fine...sleep out with the big guys..i was too tired to play hide and seek.


anyway, i checked her first thing this morning, she is laying with joy and pretending to chew her cud (i don't think she has any yet) and NOW she wants that stinking bottle. too bad, she can wait til i get more awake cuz i need every advantage i can i am not dressed yet.

we better start on her halter training this weekend or she will grow up to be like percy....1500 pounds of i don't have to do what you say.

i woke up to a huge cat fight...james bond was in the middle of destroying conan the barbarian trespassing sneak. you would think that frail, skinny 19 yr old james bond would not try to kill a hefty cat who is close to half his age...but just like the character in the movies...our james bond is an arrogant son of a bitch who ALWAYS wins.

i rescued the beat up barbarian and put him back up on the washer machine where james rarely ventures....james bond owns the cat room world and conan the barbarian owns the washing machine world...not fair but it works (unless conan starts sneaking around into a world that isn't his.)

territorial cats are pain in the asses too. i have three idiot dogs to run separately in the upper field in the early morning before the barn guys come out (lucky, dusty, and now watson)...i guess i better get at it or they will miss out.



I love Emily's spirit, she's one cheeky, frisky little girl! Her family is Joy & Percy - day & night. They are the three musketeers forever. I'm sure they could teach humans a thing or two...


Wow! It didn't take Emily long to become a self-actualizing little calf!