Rescue Journal

good lord it is still hot and muggy

Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2009

i am soaked in sweat again just from putting the barn guys to bed. grammy had a stupid moment..they all wandered back out of the barn and into the riding ring to see what the hold up was for their dinner (i was feeding the cows and goats.) they all went back out again fairly easily except grammy who decided to be dumb.

i had to chase is too freaking hot to chase sheep!

morgan is out of her cage but shut in the back cat room. she looks content a couple of weeks i will try her with a bit more space. it is better to go slow and sure with the ferals...give them too much too fast and they will freak out trying to escape or go into hiding whenever you get too near.

i want her to quietly watch from a distance but in plain view..i want to be able to see how she is doing and watch her eating and to be able to work around her without her diving for cover. plus i don't want her anywhere near the outside run yet for lots of different reasons.
that idiot watson has taken over the hideaway suite...he grabs his purple stuffie and hikes straight up the stairs to enjoy his private that beast is also watching tv.

we have 4 tv's and 2 radios running around here all day long, plus the lights, the fans, the pump and air is no wonder i can't afford the hydro..these animals are kilowatt using freaks.

i want to replace the air conditioner in the bunny room tomorrow before that bigger heat wave hits. plus i need to get more fans out in the mp building and barn to see them thru the anticipated very high heat.

i got an email tonight about a rescuer wanting out of the business of rescue....getting out takes as much planning and committment as getting in originally did. you need to plan the exit well and be prepared to follow your cheating and taking in new animals or you will never get out without leaving a huge mess for someone else to clean up.

we at saints need to saints living and dying with me? or is it going forward, beyond my lifespan cuz we have reached the point where we need to start planning for the future, whatever that happens to our new farm sanctuary? anyone who goes into rescue without a realistic and hard-hitting think...needs to give their head a shake cuz it is not as easy as making happy ending warm and fuzzy fairy is a hell of a lot more than that. AND if you decide you want to get out of it at some better have an even better plan.

so i guess i will bitch about the heat for another month and then i will start whining about the upcoming winter. i like about one month of the weather in the spring and another month of the weather in the fall...the rest of the year's weather just makes the work around here too freaking uncomfortable and hard!



I find (myself with no a/c) frozen water bottles in tea towel or pillow case for rabbits really helps in heatwaves. They love to flop against them. Just a note for all rabbit people without a/c who need to keep their buns cool during heatwaves. (heat escapes through their ears, & can cause brain swelling in high temps). Rabbits at Saints are in great hands & lucky to have a/c and Carol watching out for them! : )
Congrats Carol for being #1!