Rescue Journal

i was just too wiped to goof around with watson and the cat hating routine

Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2009

storms are emotinally draining cuz so many are so afraid and fear makes them stupid which wears me out (i slept in til 8am this morning...unheard of!) when it was over i put him back out in the shop...dolt.

new incoming, i just need to make arrangements to get him here..max is a pretty much wrecked and used up 14 yr old...bad eyes, bad teeth, bad ears, bad heart, bad hips and knees..really bad spine...came in as a claimed him when they returned from holidays but are unable to follow up with the medical care so they surrendered him to the shelter. not much opportunity for adoption with too many age related disabilities...but lots of opportunity for feeling better with the right combo of meds.

i hope he is ok with cats..if he is..i am rubbing it in to watson that the new dog is more saint-like than he is.

gawd, everyone is getting grey here...have you really looked at jewel, buddy and sissy lately?...holy smoke, they are as grey as i am now...we are turning into a bunch of old grey fogies!

phoebe is once again a VERY bad dog. she grabbed andy's nose thru the fence and now he has a sore nose. he is on antibiotics and he is getting extra treats cuz his poor little nose is right under my face whenever i am eating. i ain't givin pheobe nothin even if she is in my face warm and fuzzy feelings when i am looking at her for the next little while, at least til andy's nose feels better.

she is such a little creep sometimes...she's back on my list of animals that i wish i could kill.

why the hell does she not get some physical deadly disease instead of just terminal haggish stupidity?

copper has not come home from lynnes has been a week...i said to her "where the hell is my dog?"

sigh...we are doing up a foster contract...copper the beagle from hell who has been with me on and off for almost 10 years...has wormed himself into another home.

i know lynne is 100 percent committed and has been for the past couple of years with him...but she has yet to see copper the snarling beast or copper the piss-aholic when he is pissed off over while i am somewhat hopeful....we will just wait and see. copper is copper and can't hide his true self in his new homes for too long..i think 18 months was the longest on record yet...maybe he has outgrown the worst of it...but then maybe he hasn't yet.

hence the foster contract....i am not believing i am free of that bratty dog til the fat beagle really sings!

(i do miss the fat little bastard tho...deeper sigh...he has been my very cute pain in the butt for very many years)



Yeah Lynn and Copper...please update on him.....could I visit him or will you bring him to Saints?? Copper is such a cool dog and I am sooo happy he has a home...I live too far away and have my hands full with Trev and live in an apt...otherwise I would have tried taking him (if Carol would let me). I am really happy that you took him....good luck, be good Copper.


copper became a permanent sanctuary dog when he lost his 6th home in as many years. i just couldn't watch him lose any more..lynne has already given him 2 years of committed friendship and loyalty...outings and sleepovers every weekend without fail. even if the permanent foster fails cuz he does something really bad (cuz he might) she will still be here for him..lynne is not one to leave him high and dry.

Chris T

Lynne you must be very special for Carol to have let Copper go to you. I remember reading one of her posts on brindle many years ago how the fat bastard was not going anywhere and yet, now he has. You have obviously done a great deal of work with him and you must love him a great deal. I hope it is a happy ending for you and Copper.