Rescue Journal

saints is hiring

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2009

we are hiring casual staff (yes we had sick call today and there goes my plan for the day out the window again) may become permanent part time.

we are looking for intelligent, compassionate, respectful animal caregivers able to work as part of our team. the abilty to organize, follow thru, deal with all kinds of interesting situations, manage very physically demanding work and have reliable transportation are necessary components for working at saints.

wages to start are $10 per won't get rich here but the right person will love their job.

call carol to arrange an interview




Bummer you already hired; wish I had seen this your place. Keep me in mind if you ever hire again, would work for free but for now I can't do any more volunteer stuff cuz of dads car wreck we are broke from paying for his surgery etc....Skeeter says hi)Mosquito Mike)


when i was at best friends...i met lawyers and PHD'ers who were scooping poop for 10 bucks an hour. they got tired of the competitve crazy world and just wanted to work at something simple and kind and of real measurable value.


I wish I could work there full time and live in the garage apartment. I know I would love it, puttering around all day, talking to the critters, picking up poop, giving meds and belly rubs. But no... I had to have this idiotic career thing going.